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JimBobb 01-15-09 06:21 AM

1xGTX285 + 2xGTX280 = 3WAY SLI?!?

To me someone can say I the Cards to mix can or gives it a problem??
1xGTX285 + 2xGTX280 = 3WAY SLI?!? or Not? A defective GTX280 me exchanged into a new GTX285...

PS: Sorry for Bad English

fugu_fish 01-15-09 12:16 PM

Re: 1xGTX285 + 2xGTX280 = 3WAY SLI?!?
According to this review from FiringSquad: No.


Those of you with GeForce GTX 280 cards who were hoping you could mix your GTX 280 with the GTX 285 will be disappointed to hear that we tried this and SLI didn’t work, despite the fact that both GPUs essentially share the same basic core configuration.
Taken from here:


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