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Shamrock 01-16-09 01:32 AM

P&R forum rules...an addendum?
I just read the forum rules, specifically P&R, and here is what it says:

but pointless bashing of ANY race, religion or forum member because of their race or religion doesn't agree with yours will NOT BE TOLERATED.

There should be an addendum to the rules, about political orientation. I do not appreciate being called a "taint-licking liberal" which is circumventing the rules anyway, by not attacking a certain forum member, but attacking a group of people.

Now I don't mind having heated discussions, or debates...hence this thread


Now if it isn't resolved, then that gives us all free will to attack other political parties? If so, I have a few choices names I can call Republicans. Not nice ones.

LORD-eX-Bu 01-16-09 04:22 PM

Re: P&R forum rules...an addendum?
quit being such a taint-licking liberal.

sillyeagle 01-17-09 01:35 AM

Re: P&R forum rules...an addendum?
F*cking Repubelickin!

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