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tsubasa 05-30-03 03:25 AM

Blank Screen with NFORCE2 ASUS A7N8X WITH G3TI500

After my problem and my lot of test, i have decided to buy the retail mandrake with built in driver nvidia, but ......
blanck screen again....

!Help pleaseeeeeee

tsubasa 05-30-03 04:05 AM

Ok i have unnderstand i will go to buy a NFORCE 2 mobo today

tsubasa 05-30-03 10:56 AM

This is the story of the unlucky man :

It is a good day today, I go to buy my new motherboard a beautiful ASUS A7N8X with the marvellous chipset NFORCE2 (without video).
I have always my Geforce 3 TI 500 ( Hercules )

Now, finish KT333.

With a big smile after mounting my Pc,
I insert the RETAIL MANDRAKE (with nvidia built in),
flashing screen at reboot : /

I say "so i have some new hardware i need the last NVIDIA driver".

Ok lets goooogogo,
I take my mandrake Download edition, install it and all ok !

I download the nvidia drivers,
switch to /etc/init.d/ ./dm stop
i do sh nvidia...run
modify my Xconf for remplace nv by nvidia
check for glx line ->its ok
Save under vi

I do a modprobe nvidia
do ./dm startx

BLANK SCREEN :'( :'( :'( :'(

I live in the Helllllllll, please some helpp this blanck screen made me crazy, and now on my new ASUS A7N8X

tsubasa 05-30-03 11:28 AM

1 Attachment(s)
This is the XF log :
I have a new error (EE)Screens not found, but i affirm i have do a modprobe nvidia before startx.

tsubasa 05-30-03 11:29 AM

1 Attachment(s)
This the NVIDIA install Log :

Thanks again for all your help

Campos 05-31-03 08:10 AM

Hi unlucky man

you're "talking" to yourself??!!! :)

Unfortunately i can't help you, i've the same problem, but my screen is black!!
To be a Linux user you must be a Zen Master :)

Moledog 05-31-03 11:09 AM

I had same problem with Mandrake 9.1 download. It was my monitor mode lines in XF86config-4. I have a Samsung monitor and for some reason, M9.1 couldn't detect it right. Once I got that straightened out, all is well. I have an Albatron mb with via chipset. Video card is Chaintech 5600FX with AthlonXP 2200.

bwkaz 05-31-03 02:10 PM

tsubasa -- if you're sure that you had the nvidia kernel module loaded (if lsmod listed it), then look at your BIOS settings. If you don't have "assign IRQ to VGA" turned on, turn it on and retry.

tsubasa 05-31-03 05:09 PM

yes i see the nvidia modules in lsmod,

Sorry i dont have this option in my new A7N8X asus ->assign irg to vga -> : / .

This is my video board bios

Geforce 3 Ti 500 :

This some details of my system
< Carte mère >
Support MP: Non
BIOS Système: Phoenix Technologies, LTD ASUS A7N8X ACPI
BIOS Rev 1004
Carte mère: ASUSTeK Computer INC. A7N8X
Chipset: ASUSTeK Computer Inc nForce2 AGP Controller
Vitesse du Bus Principal: 2x 133MHz (266MHz taux de transfert)
Mémoire Totale: 512MB

< Système Vidéo >
Moniteur/Panneau: Philips 107E (107E1)
Adaptateur: NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 500

< Carte mère >
Fabricant: ASUSTeK Computer INC.
Support MP: Non
Modèle: A7N8X
Version: REV 1.xx
Numéro de Série: xxxxxxxxxxx
BIOS Système: 05/14/2003-nVidia-nForce-A7N8XC-00

< Contrôleur Hub LPC 1 >
Modèle: ASUSTeK Computer Inc nForce2 ISA Bridge
Gestion de l'Energie ACPI Acti:Non
Générateur de Nombre Aléatoire:Non

bwkaz 06-01-03 03:48 PM

Talk to Asus then. They're the ones that put your BIOS together, including its setup program. If they put that option in, they'll be able to tell you how to turn it on. If they didn't put it in, then you might as well return that motherboard -- it'll ONLY ever work with Windows anyway -- and buy one that will let you do simple things like that.

tsubasa 06-01-03 04:47 PM

But my board assign an irq to my vga card,
at boot start in ressource list i can see irq 11 video controller

bwkaz 06-01-03 05:46 PM

Then check your kernel logs, I guess.

Or try using a Mandrake 9 kernel instead (there have been some reports of those working much much better, I believe).

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