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Maverickman 01-19-09 10:37 AM

GeForce GTX 295 issues
All of my games run great with the exception of Crysis and Crysis Warhead. Both of these games will crash after about 20 minutes. My computer will completely shut down. I did play Assassin's Creed and Far Cry 2 for over 1 hour with NO problems. I have a 750W power supply with over 70 amps combined on the 12V rail. I've heard Crysis has issues with SLI, and I've had these Crysis shutdowns with other PCs I've owned. Anyone have this problem?

boredgunner 01-19-09 11:15 AM

Re: GeForce GTX 295 issues
Who makes your PSU? How many amps are on each +12v rail? The Crysis series generally don't have issues with SLI.

Revs 01-19-09 11:18 AM

Re: GeForce GTX 295 issues
Are you keeping an eye on the temps?

CAUTION 01-19-09 11:33 AM

Re: GeForce GTX 295 issues
Actually Crysis runs extremely well for me, I played yesterday for almost 2 hours. What drivers are you running?

xorbe 01-19-09 01:06 PM

Re: GeForce GTX 295 issues
Which PSU? They are not all equal. Try lowering your clocks for a while to stock.

Maverickman 01-19-09 02:47 PM

Re: GeForce GTX 295 issues
The clocks are at stock when I'm running Crysis. I have 72 total amps on the 12V rail. I'm using the latest drivers from the Nvidia website. Since my other games do not crash, I'm thinking this is just an issue my system has with Crysis.

Bokishi 01-19-09 05:04 PM

Re: GeForce GTX 295 issues
It's your PSU, my system had same shut off issue with Crysis when I first got my 280s. I replaced silverstone 1200w PSU with a (tri-sli certified) thermaltake 1200w PSU and all was good again

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