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Maverickman 01-19-09 04:32 PM

Crysis crash issue with GTX 295 resolved!!!
Crysis and Crysis Warhead would crash on my system after about 10-20 minutes of play. All other games worked fine. My power supply is good enough for the card, but I was using a 6-pin to 8-pin adaptor along with a 6-pin PCI-E. I then used a two 6-pin to one 8-pin adaptor and a 2 molex to one 6-pin adaptor and all is fine. I played Crysis Warhead for an hour with NO crashes. It looks like that 6-pin to 8-pin adaptor is not recommended. Too bad my power supply only has two 6-pin PCI-E plugs. Fortunately, I also have two molexes.

Bee_Dee_3_Dee 01-21-09 06:50 AM

Re: Crysis crash issue with GTX 295 resolved!!!
Cool! I don't want any BSODs in Crysis.

So for my new GTX295 I'm upgrading from a Corsair 620HX PSU to the new BFG ES-800 PSU with "Frequency Conversion".
(It doesn't get any Greener. ;))

psyphtoix 08-14-09 11:18 PM

Re: Crysis crash issue with GTX 295 resolved!!!
I had similar problems. The power cable trick worked a bit.

But my best results have come from enabling 32x multi GPU anti-aliasing in the nvidia driver control panel 3d settings. I'm not sure if the frame rate is quite as smooth but it is definitely more consistent and much much more stable.

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