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kampeki 01-19-09 05:19 PM

[177.82] DVI -> HDMI + analog audio, but no sound
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I own a GeForce 9600 GT which is connected to my Samsung HDTV (LE32A586) by a DVI -> HDMI connector. My card doesn't have spdif input to send audio through HDMI, so I've added a jack -> stereo RCA cable (according to my TV manual).

That TV (and others) doesn't allow you to choose the audio input, but automatically fallback to the analog stereo input if there isn't any from the HDMI port.

The issue is that my TV detects sound from my video card and ignores the analog output.

I did a simple test to find out where the problem came from :

1. I play a sound on my graphic session (X configured to use nvidia-driver v177.82), but I hear no sound on my TV.
2. While the sound plays, I switch to the console and then I hear the sound playing (2.6.27 kernel frambuffer driver).

The only reason why the sound may play in console and not in graphic mode - although the card and connections are the same - is that the nvidia driver behaves differently, activating some flag on the DVI output that tells my TV sounds come through HDMI, which the kernel framebuffer driver doesn't.

I found two similar topics addressing this issue, by linux and windows vista users :


Looks like it's been a while (first post was september 2007).

I joined the nvidia-bug-report.log and my tv EDID to this post, as I hope that may help the driver developers to find a workaround.

If anybody encounters the same problem, could you tell us because I think it's quite a common issue. There's an obvious workaround (buy a new card with hdmi output) but I hope nvidia developers would be kind enough to spare my purse and issue a patch ;)

Krisux 01-23-09 12:38 PM

Re: [177.82] DVI -> HDMI + analog audio, but no sound

I have similar setup with the same problem.

I was using 173.X without any problems (DVI->HDMI + analog audio 3.5mm -> 2*RCA). My TV is set to display HDMI input.
Once updated to 177.X, I lost audio if the tv was displaying HDMI input. The TV does actually play the audio, but only if I switch to component input.

Once the system is rebooted, and the nvidia kernel module *NOT* loaded, I can play audio (mplayer) from console (TV set to HDMI). After modprobing nvidia module, audio stops (in the middle of the song). Removing the kernel module does not restore the system state.
X server was not started at all.

I'll try with the latest (180.X) driver next.

heavymetaler 11-10-09 08:32 PM

Re: [177.82] DVI -> HDMI + analog audio, but no sound
Same problem with the new GeForce 210, and i'm on 190.42. Since the HDMI audio isn't working yet i'm using the DVI output + analog soundcard output, but it must still be sending audio data over the DVI as my TV will not play the analog audio. Previous card was an 8500GT which worked perfectly with the same cabling setup. TV is a Samsung LN52A650.


I will also note that I figured this out by plugging in headphones to the analog sound jack which plays audio fine. And then powered on/off/changed inputs on my tv a few times until finding this and the above threads.

CaptainDangeax 01-11-10 05:53 PM

Re: [177.82] DVI -> HDMI + analog audio, but no sound
Hi. I've heard about your problem. It's related to EDID. You must capture the EDID bin from your TV, patch it, and tweak xorg.conf so the TV will receive a non audio flagged HDMI signal, and switch to analog input. I solved this problem by plugging a cable from mobo SPDIF out to 9500GT SPDIF in.

ape_sinklair 01-16-10 02:50 AM

Re: [177.82] DVI -> HDMI + analog audio, but no sound
Hi, had the same problem. The important xorg.conf flag is in the Device section. You have to add the following:

Option "UseEDID" "FALSE"

But first you should follow this guide to generate a correct modeline for your screen:


Works for me with a 9500gt and a gt220 using analog output to my Samsung LCD

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