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Retrolock 01-19-09 06:41 PM

Q9400 Overclocking
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I finally got a semi-decent quadcore lol. Bought this Q9400 OEM batch Q827**** (sorry, I cant remember the rest) and went straight to 3.6ghz. Vid @ 1.175 which I think is alright. After adjusting a few settings, this might be my 24/7 oc settings.

cpu vcore = 1.28v load, 1.248v
cpu vtt = 1.26v
sb = 1.55v
nb = 1.41v
dram = 2.0v

Will try for 4ghz later on. Hope my P35 can handle it!

Edit: Image size

CaptNKILL 01-19-09 06:47 PM

Re: Q9400 Overclocking
Pic too small. Can't really read it. :p

Nice OC though. :)

Retrolock 01-19-09 06:48 PM

Re: Q9400 Overclocking
There. Pic edited :D

methimpikehoses 01-19-09 06:48 PM

Re: Q9400 Overclocking
Yep, bigger pic. SR!

grey_1 01-19-09 08:25 PM

Re: Q9400 Overclocking
That's sweet. This is the quad I was going to get and all reports asy these things oc like mad. 3.8 seemed to be the most common 24/7 number settled on. Very nice!

jcrox 02-27-09 07:59 AM

Re: Q9400 Overclocking
I just got mine put in last night. Fired it up at 3.0GHz without taking anything off of Auto settings. Looking forward to playing with it some more tonight :D

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