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gerous 05-30-03 12:04 PM

HOWTO: Install nVidia Linux Driver on SuSE 8.2 with non-default-Kernel versions
Hi folks,
with SuSE 8.2 and especially the athlon-kernel there where often problems loading the nvidia.o kernel module...
This problem occurs if the athlon kernel was installed during the system install by yast(2) but not the Kernel-Source...
Now if you install the Kernel-Sources afterwards yast2 makes a fault that makes it impossible to load the kernel module...
you need root acces to edit 2 files and wow then it works all right :) these files are:
- /usr/src/linux/.kversion
- /usr/src/linux/include/linux/version.h
in these 2 files there is a string: "2.4.20-4GB" to this string you have to append "-athlon" (without the "'s ) ( this should
also work fine with the -pre kernels as well ). Next you have to shut down your running X-Server so press <Ctrl><Alt><F2>
and log in as root. Then execute "init 3" to shut down the x-Server. Finaly run the nvidia installer. Now if the nVidia installer
builds the nvidia.o module it has the right version and should be loaded without any errors ( this means the module was built
without any errors before but just the kernel version string was wrong ). Then just run SaX2 and delete the old configured
graphics-card. Then reconfigure your card and pay attention that it tells you that this will use the "nvidia" not the "nv" module!
then reconfigure your monitor ( if you delete the graphics card the monitor config is deleted as well ). Finish your SaX2 configuration
and execute "init 5" and you will have the success of seeing the nVidia spash screen :-)
Hope this will help all the ppl with SuSE 8.2 and non-default kernel versions.

- your gerous

gizmo 06-06-03 11:38 PM

Card Working, but no 3D
I've followed these directions, and I've gotten the driver to load correctly (see the nvidia splash screen on boot) I have a problem in that when I launch an application that has 3D acceleration (ie.. Tux Racer, or Quake III) My monitor no longer gets a signal from the graphics card. I'm able to hear the game sound and provide keyboard input (able to exit from TuxRacer with the esc key). I assume that the card is connecting to an incorrect screen, but I don't have a clue how to proceed. Any suggestions?


gerous 06-07-03 02:57 AM

In fact I do have some suggestions :)
first of all make sure your X server configuration is exactly as described in
the README file from nVidia. Then look
in the log-files from X. got to start is:
If there isn't anything try to let TuXRacer
write an log file... if you dont find there anything search the forums again or post
your log files here, so that other ppl can
have a look @ it.

-your gerous

gizmo 06-07-03 12:45 PM

I finally figured out what my problem was. It seems that the Hsync and Vsync values in the mode line was incorrect. I modified the mode lines by hand (don't know why SaX2 wouldn't pick them up) and voila...success. Everything seems to be working correctly now. Thanks for the help!


gerous 06-07-03 01:20 PM

No problem 4 the help.. :)
I mean thats the function the forum is supposed to have :)

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