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bubbachuck 01-21-09 11:18 PM

XP driver conflict TNT vs 8800GTS?
I'm trying to do a multiple monitor (triple monitor) setup in Windows XP SP3. Two are through an 8800GTS 512, which works fine. For monitor #3, I plugged in an old Viper 550 RIVA TNT PCI card I had. Unfortunately, I'm having a hell of a time getting the two cards working. I've tried a bunch of things, including uninstalling/reinstalling with new drivers and installing in different orders (1st 8800, then TNT then other way around).

The problem I think comes with the drivers. nVidia website has different sets of the drivers for their newer models (6000+) and their legacy drivers. The new drivers are the 181.20 drivers and the legacy drivers are 71.89 currently on nVidia's site. Unfortunately, it seems that the driver file names for the two sets of drivers are the same; when I'm installing the drivers, it often gives me the "new file is older than original file" messages. It seems that when I disregard this and install the older files, I get a BSoD. When I try to use the new files, the TNT cannot start: it gets the ! mark in Device Manager but it cannot start up.

The solution I thought of was to get a PCI card that uses the same driver set as the the 8800GTS. Which conveniently leaves me with one choice: the 6200 PCI version. Is this what I have to do or is there a way I can use the RIVA TNT? Seems like a shame to not use this venerable card :) Another solution it seems would be to use an ATI card for a completely different driver set.

I've been looking high and low and haven't found a solid solution to this problem anywhere, though it seems it would be a common problem.

Thanks for any help I can get.

NOTE: I haven't tried having BIOS bootup with PCI first (it auto-detects PCIe first) and I haven't tried installing in safe mode.

wollyka 01-22-09 12:55 PM

Re: XP driver conflict TNT vs 8800GTS?
Did you try modding the inf file of the new drivers to get them to install and work with the TNT?
If this won't work , I think you are out of luck, you will have to get a newer Geforce which can work with the newer drivers.

bubbachuck 01-22-09 01:24 PM

Re: XP driver conflict TNT vs 8800GTS?
Nope I haven't done that. Could you point me in the general direction of what I'd be looking for? If there was a way to install two sets of non-overlapping sets of drivers, that might work.

jcrox 01-24-09 05:33 PM

Re: XP driver conflict TNT vs 8800GTS?
I think you'll find that there aren't any drivers that are compatible for both of those cards.

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