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Badass 05-31-03 06:20 AM

Non-existent binutils version

In the readme for the nVidia Linux Athlon drivers (tar.gz files) a requirement of binutils 2.95 is listed.

Where can this version be obtained? I am using RH 8.0 which uses binutils 2.13.1 - the latest version according to www.gnu.org...

I guess someone will tell me how to install from RPM, but shouldn't this method also work if the requirements are satisfied?

bwkaz 05-31-03 07:16 AM

Um... no, my README (driver version 4363) says binutils 2.9.5, not 2.95. ;)

Well, wait a minute -- you are using the right driver, correct? Athlon chips are not AMD64; AMD64 chips are the Opteron and the Athlon64 (the second one isn't out yet).

The latest binutils is also (I got it from ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/binutils). But that version has issues with an older gcc, version 3.2.X (where I don't remember whether X is 1, 2, or 3), so if you plan on recompiling that older gcc ever, don't, because something won't work right.

Badass 05-31-03 09:05 AM

Hmm so what driver version do I need?

And the question still remains: "Where the hell does binutils 2.9.5 come from?".

bwkaz 05-31-03 02:14 PM

You need 2.9.5 or greater. You probably already have that -- look around on your distro installation CDs.

You need driver 4363, for IA32.

Badass 06-07-03 08:14 AM

So where the hell do I get 2.9.5?

The only version with Redhat 8 is, the same for Mandrake 9.1.

As this is the official GNU latest version of binutils - I am puzzled how you are supposed to get this mysterious version.

Thunderbird 06-07-03 08:26 AM

Version 2.13.2 is much newer than 2.9.5. Binutils is defaultly installed on about all distributions. Don't worry. Just use the driver installer and install the drivers.

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