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Extreme-Pixel 01-23-09 02:11 AM

Is it worth it?
I was just wondering if getting the high-end graphics card, e.g. Geforce GTX 200 series is worth it at this point in time. I mean, since technology grows so fast, the price of the GTX 200 series would probably drop within a few months; so I was just wondering if it would be a good investment to get something like this now than later? Thanks! :)

MaxFX 01-23-09 06:04 AM

Re: Is it worth it?
you just wait exact 5 years or so and go GTX 40999 ..good enough answer!

jeong 01-23-09 10:35 AM

Re: Is it worth it?
A simple answer is: depends on what graphics card you use, what games you play, and how long you plan to use it, what settings you usually play at. What is your current video card? What games do you usually play? Do you always turn FSAA on? How long do you intend to keep the card? 1 year? 2 years?

As for me I play a lot of Crysis, the most demanding game, so I had to get 2x GTX 295 replacing my over-2-year-old 8800 GTX I've been using since November 2006. The gap b/w these cards are humongous as anyone would say: how can you compare 1 GPU to 4 GPUs? However, if you're just an occasional FPS gamer, or play a lot of RTS games like RA3 or alike, a single 280/285 should do the job. I highly doubt a 285 would have rough time running CoD5, WoW, or L4D in decent settings. Developers are well-aware that to ensure success, the game must appeal to a broad range of computers, not just to people with quad and 2-way SLI setups.

Of course, 2 295 to play Starcraft 2 would be an overkill as I recall rumored recommended specs to play SC2 isn't that high. Also keep in mind that there will be new cards in about 5-6 months time and GTX 300 series coming out at the end of the year. So it really boils down to all those factors I mentioned above. If you can wait 6 or 12 months, you can get the latest models outperforming the current 295.

the_recluse 01-23-09 10:56 AM

Re: Is it worth it?
Well recommended, considering getting a 2nd 280 to play around w/ SLi. But in ur case the 285 would be the one to get at this time.

MaxFX 01-23-09 11:34 AM

Re: Is it worth it?
Well said jeong so listening to him and you should have no problem!
Annyway just joking earlier as you may have noticed :)

Extreme-Pixel 01-23-09 02:47 PM

Re: Is it worth it?
Ok, well I have a Geforce 9800 GT, I've tried to play Crysis and similar games at max settings but couldn't do it. So, do would you recommend I get a high-end graphics card, or SLI my 9800 GT's?

Amaury 01-23-09 03:26 PM

Re: Is it worth it?
Live for the now because you never know what tomorrow brings. Technology quickly advances. Do you want to play today's games at high fps at high resolutions. I would get depending on your budget in this order GTX 285, GTX 295, or GTX 285 SLI. $380, $500, $800.

ninelven 01-23-09 03:47 PM

Re: Is it worth it?
Eh, I would wait until May, but that's just me.

Extreme-Pixel 01-23-09 03:51 PM

Re: Is it worth it?
Ok, so is just upgrading my 9800 GT's into a 9800 GX2 just a waste of money since it's still in the 9 series? Or you think that I should just upgrade into the next-gen cards, e.g. GTX 200 series?

jeong 01-23-09 04:01 PM

Re: Is it worth it?
What's the native resolution of your monitor? Do you plan on upgrading your monitor to a higher resolution anytime soon in the near future? What is your PSU wattage? Is your CPU fast enough not to cause any CPU-bottleneck if you do happen to upgrade? Is your case spacious enough to accommodate a 267mm-long card? These are some of the questions I would ask myself I were in your shoes. I've seen people having BSODs b/c they didn't have enough power or their cases aren't big enough for the card, or even they don't see improvements parallel to others b/c of CPU-bottlenecks. I don't personally recommend getting a 9800GX2: this card was infamous for its MS issues. If you really do want to get one, I'd skip the 9000 series and get GTX 200s depending on your needs. There're always pros and cons: if you wait until June or July, you can get your hands on the latest model, presumably faster than 295, however you will have to pay a dear price for it. If you do not wish to wait, you can get 260/285/295 now, and you will see improvements, however this will rule out your upgrading option this July or even December unless you're willing to upgrade every 6 months. If you do upgrade this July, the primary lifespan of your card is only about 6 months, hence not maximizing your bang for the buck.

It really depends on your needs in the end.

Extreme-Pixel 01-23-09 07:05 PM

Re: Is it worth it?
OK. Since the lifespan is about six months, I will probably wait until Nvidia launches a new card and I'll just grade by then. I mean, I don't really have to get the latest technology, I just want to get the best card for the price. So yeah, I will just wait until the pricing drops. :D

CaptNKILL 01-23-09 08:38 PM

Re: Is it worth it?
Now isn't really a great time to buy a card IMO. A GTX 280 for around $325 is probably the best buy and that's only if you have a good power supply with an 8-pin PCI-E connector.

The GTX 260 has actually gone UP in price over the last couple months. Back in October I got mine for $210 after a $40 rebate and I got a free copy of Far Cry 2. Now I think they're back up to $260 and don't generally come with free games or large rebates. On top of that the GTX 285 is a much more attractive card but costs around $400.

I'd wait for the next release which is rumored to be in early Q2 of this year (April).

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