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hoshisama 01-24-09 03:23 AM

No login screen after boot, same for safe mode
Hi everybody, I'm running windows XP pro on a Toshiba Satellite L20

Yesterday I ran two programs - namely CaSIR and RegCleaner. I suppose i deleted the wrong registries, as when the computer booted back up the wallpaper loaded, without any login prompt. The result was the same on safe mode, no login screen, just the safe mode 'wallpaper' which shows 'safe mode' on the four corners of the screen and the SP version on the top.

I have UBCD4Win, which allows me to still access my com using the bootcd, and have cleaned out all the viruses and malware on the computer - leaving the registry in tatters.

Can anyone help me with this? A clean install of windows is not possible as I have lost the installation cd, and I'm hoping someone would know the registry values for making the login page appear on windows.

Many thanks!

AthlonXP1800 01-24-09 04:55 PM

Re: No login screen after boot, same for safe mode
Hi welcome to NVNews.

To fix your problem, all you need is restore registry from backup but the only way to access it is from recovery console so I am afraid you will need XP CD to do it.

Here the link how to restore registry.


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