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Padibuz 01-26-09 04:03 AM

Spdif Connection / GTX285-X-fi Extreme Music
Hey there,

I hope i got the right section of the forum.

Just got a BFG GTX285, which came bundled with a 2 pin Spdif cable.
I've hooked up the card via HDMI to my Toshiba HDTv, and everything works fine. However, i'd sure like to get some sound through the TV, which is where the problem comes in.

This is my X-Fi Extreme Music:

This is the cable:


As you can notice there's a lot of pins on the X-fi, and only 2 on the cable.
I have no clue where to connect my Spdif cable. I've googled for hours trying to find a schematic detailing this issue, and I didn't find anything.

Help please, what pins should I use on my X-fi to plug the cable in, 'cause I don't feel like just trying until I get lucky.

Thanks !

CaptNKILL 01-26-09 04:24 AM

Re: Spdif Connection / GTX285-X-fi Extreme Music
It looks like someone figured it out here though their discussion is all over the place.

Maybe you can make sense of it:

There was also a link in that thread that went to this page with the pinouts for sound blaster cards:

The pic at the bottom looks to be exactly what you need. :)

Padibuz 01-26-09 04:31 AM

Re: Spdif Connection / GTX285-X-fi Extreme Music
I'm sorry m8, but I didn't understand a single thing from those threads :)
Also, where exactly is the pic you're referring to ?

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