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VPN Haus 01-28-09 04:11 PM

Vista 64-Bit VPN/Cisco Problem
I read an interesting post on Joe Harris' blog (author of Little Black Book), and he says Cisco isn't going to support Windows Vista 64-bit. He recommends using NCP Secure Entry Client.

Does anyone use NCPs product? If so, how is the support? And is it easy to configure? Thanks.

Q 01-28-09 07:10 PM

Re: Vista 64-Bit VPN/Cisco Problem
Are you using a Cisco firewall?

I'm having a similiar problem with Checkpoint right now. They've been promising a 64-bit client "soon" since June 07 (at least). Right now I just use a XP32 virtual machine whenever I need to log in to work remotely. I'm honestly excited for W2k8-R2 and W7 to roll because of the integrated VPN. Checkpoint is just a mess overall and I wish we didn't have our hands in that product at all.

Good luck, and let me know how NCP works for you. I know there are a few freeware clients that run on 64 bit OSs, but they require a significant amount of intimacy and flexibility with your firewall.

Bman212121 01-28-09 11:10 PM

Re: Vista 64-Bit VPN/Cisco Problem
Actually Cisco does support Vista 64 bit and Mac OSX. It will probably depend upon your model but I'd look for an IOS update.

Found a little disclaimer on their VPN software.

•64-bit Windows operating systems. For x-64 support, customers should explore with their Cisco sales representative the use of the next-generation Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client.


The Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client supports all Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance models. It does not support PIX devices. See the Adaptive Security Appliance VPN Compatibility Reference: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/secu...atibility.html for a complete list of compatibility requirements.

The key appears to be having an ASA device if you want Vista 64 bit support.

VPN Haus 02-04-09 04:26 PM

Re: Vista 64-Bit VPN/Cisco Problem
Cisco only supports SSL, not IPSec for 64-bit

evilchris 02-08-09 09:42 PM

Re: Vista 64-Bit VPN/Cisco Problem
NCP is a crappy product. Run an XP VM on your Vista 64 station.

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