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Phyre 02-03-09 02:01 PM

XAudio2 and Hardware Acceleration
I've been starting to look at the XAudio2 stuff to wrap my head around it. The only big question I have currently is will we benefit with hardware acceleration for sound? I've done some searches for it on the forums and have seen that hardware will work with it, but I've also gleaned in some of my "skimming the 'net" on the subject that hardware acceleration may not be necessary with multi-core processor based systems.

Am I somewhat firing on all cylinders on this assumption?

Buio 02-04-09 08:15 AM

Re: XAudio2 and Hardware Acceleration
There are differences, but not seen many tests on it.

Below is a recent test Asus Xonar on FiringSquad which has some fps numbers, but results are somewhat inconclusive.
The most distinct number is with Call of Duty: World at War, where you can see almost 10+ fps comparing X-Fi vs built-in Realtek in XP (hw accelerated) and the difference gone in Vista (software).

Software mixed audio will always take performance from the CPU, I guess it depends on how loaded the CPU is with other tasks if it will be noticable on the framerate or not.

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