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Monkish 02-04-09 05:05 AM

Help needed from 295 owners
Hi guys, I need your help to confirm if my instability issues are general or just down to my particular system. This is for an article I'm writing, so I don't want to slam the 295 if it's my system that's at fault. I'm running the latest 181.22 drivers (with 9.09.001 PhysX drivers).

1) NVIDIA Fluid Demo crashes after around 10 seconds. It crashed after about one second before I upgraded to the latest PhysX drivers. This occurs under both WinXP & Vista (32-bit). If I replace the GTX 295 card with an 8800 GTX card I get no crashes. Itís quite important that someone test out the stability of this demo on a 295 card under WinXP for me.

2) Nurien Tech Demo produces a lower average frame rate and is generally less smooth under Vista than under WinXP. The 295 card under Vista is also slower than a single 8800 GTX card under Vista.

3) Physics CPU test under 3DMark Vantage crashes. Strangely, immediately after installing the updated PhysX drivers it ran a couple of times, then it stopped running again. Very odd. Again, no problem if I drop in an 8800 GTX card.

4) Other PhysX demos appear to run okay.

5) Vista seems to hang for 30 seconds on a regular basis, but does not if I replace the 295 with an 8800 GTX.

I would put all of these down to a corrupt Vista installation, but the crash in the Fluid demo under WinXP is the odd one out. Apart from this one application I haven't encounter any problems with the 295 card under WinXP. God I hate Vista!!

Any confirmations/assistance would be much appreciated.

saturnotaku 02-04-09 08:59 AM

Re: Help needed from 295 owners
Can you post your complete system specs, including the brand and wattage of your power supply?

john19055 02-05-09 06:09 AM

Re: Help needed from 295 owners
How big is your power supply .It should be at least 650watts and have around 45amps on the 12v rail.

EagleDM 02-05-09 08:31 AM

Re: Help needed from 295 owners
I am not experimenting the same instabilities as you.

I experience a LOT of heat, this is a very noise card (more noisier than my old 4870X2) but, except that, is OK, no hang ups, my powersupply is a 850W PowerCooler, so no problems here.

Can't help you in that, it seems a corrupt vista installation, try reinstalling.

Also, it will help if you put the complete system specs

methimpikehoses 02-05-09 10:55 AM

Re: Help needed from 295 owners
No instability here. I think the most likely candidates would be:

1) driver conflicts
2) CPU OC instability
3) Power supply insufficient

Monkish 02-06-09 04:45 AM

Re: Help needed from 295 owners
Hi, guys. Thanks for the feedback so far. My power supply is an Akasa 1000W PSU which should be okay. As I said, the card is perfectly stable under WinXP (apart from that one fluid demo). The problem is not overclocking stability as I've tested my system at stock speeds.

I've reinstalled Vista Home Premium (32-bit) and discovered that there may be issues if SP1 is applied immediately, i.e. before installing hardware drivers (such as pendrives and possibly the graphics card). SP1 may also have issues when changing/upgrading hardware.

I've sent countless bug reports off to NVIDIA, so if they're interested they'll investigate.

Monkish 02-06-09 01:08 PM

Re: Help needed from 295 owners
Okay, I’ve tested this system every which way up and I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a direct instability problem between the GeForce GTX 295 card and the AsRock 939Dual-SATA2 motherboard (yes I know this is an old motherboard but that’s the point of the article I’m writing. It has a single PCIe 16x 1.0a slot).

I believe the instability is purely hardware related and exists under both Windows XP and Windows Vista… it simply manifests differently under each. Under both systems it doesn’t seem to affect general 3D performance, only PhysX stability. Under Vista it causes the system to hang for 30 seconds at random intervals, but only once SP1 is installed. Prior to SP1 the system doesn’t hang, but the PhysX instability still occurs.

There are no problems when the GTX 295 card is replaced by an 8800 GTX card. I’m quite sure that this is not power related… unless the 295 card is introducing noise into the system, in which case I would expect general instability, not just PhysX instability.

My guess would be that the motherboard bios needs a tweak to its PCIe timings (possibly download rather than upload). I bet these older boards where not thoroughly tested for data download stability (i.e. GPGPU was never tested on it). Why it should be unstable with this card though and not an 8800 GTX card I have no idea.

Bee_Dee_3_Dee 02-06-09 03:57 PM

Re: Help needed from 295 owners

Very significant:

...perfectly stable under WinXP (apart from that one fluid demo)...
And also very significant:

...GTX 295 card and the AsRock 939..
Upgrade to a new LGA775 system. 939 Systems are great for backup and stuff and the Smithsonian already has a AMD 939 with a GTX295- "The Super-Bottleneck Computer".:D Only IF you have the best 939 Dual Core CPU is it best to fully upgrade and keep the 939 system for emergency to run games.

But you didn't mention your CPU and all of your specs like requested. You know, like Saturnotaku initially asked,

Originally Posted by saturnotaku (Post 1922785)
Can you post your complete system specs, including the brand and wattage of your power supply?

Always start by including Complete System Specs for fast, efficient, and the best help. :)

GL Monkish

I luved my 939 and still use it for Email. :D

methimpikehoses 02-06-09 05:16 PM

Re: Help needed from 295 owners
Yep ^

Unstable_Hero 02-06-09 09:00 PM

Re: Help needed from 295 owners
You should read this thread especially Hilberts post, it may not be the same thing but its worth a try


Monkish 02-07-09 05:22 AM

Re: Help needed from 295 owners
Particularly significant:


yes I know this is an old motherboard but that’s the point of the article I’m writing. It has a single PCIe 16x 1.0a slot.
This was not a post to find a solution necessarily, but to confirm that the faults were specific to this system and not a general on-going issue with PhysX instability.

I would normally post my full system specs if I were looking for a solution, but in this case I’ve tried to be a little coy for journalistic reasons.

But I do appreciate all the feedback that has helped me conclude that this is indeed a problem with this test system.

I should add that the PhysX demo causes a catastrophic BOD, memory dump and system restart, which is often the sign of system instability. I've contacted AsRock about the issue, but the board is so old they will probably fob me off with "try a newer board", which is good advice for a punter, but no good for my article. I can see that this article is going to be a lot shorter than I had intended.

Strange the problem should only affect some PhysX applications and then only on this 295 card. It seems perfectly stable in games like Crysis and other PhysX demos.

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