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MaxFX 02-04-09 09:01 AM

Cooler Master or Corsair 1000W ?
Just upped to a GTX 285 and have a 8800GT 512Mb that I will use for PhysX!
As i have seen my Corsair 520W is choking under stress test, have checked the wattage and under load I was way over 670W so it wont cut it and BSOD several times!

Now the question is what is the best PSU to get, im thinking of eaiter the Cooler Master Real Power 1000W or Corsair 1000W. I have only heard good things about them both so I guess I cant go wrong with eaiter of them.

Do anywon knows if the cables are long enough for the Corsair 1000W as I have just bought a HAF 932 fulltower case as my old P182 was getting to hot!
Maybe the cables for the Cooler Master PSU are longer and will fit my case better ?

Kowan 02-04-09 11:47 AM

Re: Cooler Master or Corsair 1000W ?
I use a Corsair HX1000w in my secondary folding box. Q9550/SLI EVGA 280s/P182SE.
I had it installed in my Antec 1200 powering the rig in my sig minus the 285.
Cable length was no problem.
Both 280s it feeds are overclocked and fold 24/7. So it should be plenty for your needs.

mullet 02-04-09 12:01 PM

Re: Cooler Master or Corsair 1000W ?
I hear a lot of good stuff about the Corsair 1000W.

LT.Schaffer 02-04-09 12:13 PM

Re: Cooler Master or Corsair 1000W ?
+1 For Corsair HX1000:thumbsup:

MaxFX 02-04-09 12:31 PM

Re: Cooler Master or Corsair 1000W ?
Great thanks very much for your input guys!

It seems as I read around the more is sounds like I shoud get the Corsair and nice to see that it will fit my HAF 932 as the Antec 1200 must be as big so a Corsair 1000W it is then, thanks again :)

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