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TZOTZIOY 06-02-03 05:19 AM

FYI: 4363 with custom kernel in MDK9.1
This post might help some of you guys.
I installed the driver using the .run file in my brand new 9.1 installation, and everything worked fine. Then I built a custom kernel for my K6-III system, without bothering to deselect many modules I would not need (ie I built most things as modules).
Booted my kernel, and I could not have graphics, even though I reinstalled the driver.
After a lot of searching, it seems that there were two nvidia.o files in the lib/modules/...custom directory: one under ide/pci for the nforce chipset, and one in the kernel/video, which was the one I wanted. I renamed the ide module, and then everything worked.
Please note I am not at home now and cannot be absolutely certain for the subdirectories (eg was it ide/pci or pci/ide ?), but you get the general idea.


(btw, gears with the std kernel was about 390 fps, with the k6 kernel jumped over 500 fps --both with the 4363 driver. A weird performance increase, but I won't mind :)

bwkaz 06-02-03 08:19 PM

This was a known issue for a very small number of 2.4.21-preX kernels. The nForce IDE driver is now ("now" being a couple of -preX kernels after it was first released) integrated into the AMD Viper IDE module (since it's the same chipset, or very similar, or something). In other words, if you use 2.4.21-rc6 (or thereabouts), you won't have this problem.

And of course, if you don't use the nForce IDE driver, it doesn't matter what it's called. So your solution works too. :)

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