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kcc 02-05-09 12:24 PM

How to reduce latency?
I am trying to reduce the rendering latency when using the the nvidia card on Linux. I heard about someone had set PRERENDER LIMIT with tool called NVtray to reduce the latency by 1 frame. But I think that was on a Windows machine. So for Linux, is there an equivalent tool that can be used to reduce the latency?

My system:

Fedora 6
GeForce 8800 Ultra
Driver Version: 100.14.19


mooninite 02-05-09 03:01 PM

Re: How to reduce latency?
I don't have an answer to your question, but I do have two questions for you: Why are you using an unsupported and over one year old version of Fedora? Why are you using a very old nVidia binary driver?

Upgrading to Fedora 10 + 180.22 would net you substantial benefits in 2D and 3D.

sfer 04-04-09 07:06 AM

Re: How to reduce latency?
I would also like to know if the prerender buffer can be adjusted on Linux. I'd use it for getting better visual response in Stepmania. ;)

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