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abania 02-05-09 05:40 PM

Cheapest chassis that will take a GTX 295 ?
Apologies if this is in the wrong thread - but if you want to spend money on the GPU rather that the case...

...does anyone know what's the cheapest chassis that will take a GTX295 ?

Blacklash 02-05-09 06:14 PM

Re: Cheapest chassis that will take a GTX 295 ?
Comparatively speaking the Cooler Master HAF is cheap. That is when you compare it to other cases with like air flow. I'd highly recommend it for a card like the 295.


I would not stick the 295 in a case with questionable air flow.

Bman212121 02-05-09 07:06 PM

Re: Cheapest chassis that will take a GTX 295 ?
Set it on a table in open air :)

If you want a really cheap case that is big enough to house a card like that, this one will probably work.


It is made out of thin metal so it can be flexed a little, but if you put a fan into the front it could get the job done at least.

Like Blacklash said though, you don't want to put the most expensive graphics card there is into a cheap case where there is no fans causing it to overheat. The PSU is also going to be a very important decision if you want a card like that.

jeong 02-05-09 07:52 PM

Re: Cheapest chassis that will take a GTX 295 ?
You know that's what I thought too when I was building my rig. I decided to go with a cheap 75 dollar CAD case from Enermax and now I'm getting a new case which is Antec 1200 because the airflow in Enermax case is absolutely horrible. My GPUs hit 90C or higher under load, furthermore my GPUs hit 100C using furmark in less than 500sec. This is definitely concerning and if I persisted on using the old case as I was, I probably would not have used my cards long enough before they get replaced. Anything above 85C should be considered a warning and even though I really didn't want to spend money on a case as it turns out having a good case will keep your CPU and GPU in safe zones. Had I gone with the Antec 1200 in the first place I would not have wasted 90 bucks including tax and shipping, which is why it is always worry-free to go with a good case.

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