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tristrams 02-06-09 09:02 AM

OpenGL problems with Quadro FX 370
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I am using a Sun Ultra 24 with the Solaris 10/08 release. The graphics card is a Quadro FX 370.
The driver is version 180.22, although I have the same problem with earlier drivers.

I am unable to get MATLAB R2007a (running on a Solaris SPARC platform) to display using OpenGL graphics on this machine. When I issue the command opengl info, it just hangs.

Perhaps more generic to debug (but I think strongly related) is to use the /usr/openwin/demo/GL/ogl_install_check program (from a server running solaris on SPARC). This should open a window and display some graphics, report some statistics etc.

These things do work fine for me on my other Sun workstation, which is a W1100Z, with I think a Quadro FX 500 graphics card. They also work fine on my old Dell laptop which has a GeForce4 440 card, and the 96.43.07 driver.

I opened a support call with sun on this a month ago, but they don't seem to have made any progress. At this point I would be pleased to hear from others who can replicate this problem, or alternatively, others with the same hardware but no problems.


tristrams 07-16-09 06:20 AM

Re: OpenGL problems with Quadro FX 370
I have finally resolved this with an upgrade to Solaris 10 05/09 on the server. i had tried many things on the workstation, assuming that the problem was at that end, but it seems to have been an issue woth the OpenGL libraries on the SunFire 280R, which was until yesterday running Solaris 10 08/07.

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