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ricercar 06-02-03 05:42 PM

NVIDIA's offical response to Futuremark
Hot off the wire and soon to appear in a news outlet near you:

Futuremark Statement

For the first time in 6 months, as a result of Futuremark's White Paper last Friday, Futuremark and NVIDIA have had detailed discussions regarding NVIDIA GPUs and Futuremark's 3DMark03 benchmark.

Futuremark now has a deeper understanding of the situation and NVIDIA's optimization strategy. In the light of this, Futuremark now states that NVIDIA's driver design is an application specific optimization and not a cheat .

The world of 3D Graphics has changed dramatically with the latest generation of highly programmable GPUs. Much like the world of CPUs, each GPU has a different architecture and a unique optimal code path. For example, Futuremark's PCMark2002 has different CPU test compilations for AMD's AthlonXP and Intel's Pentium4 CPUs.

3DMark03 is designed as an un-optimized DirectX test and it provides performance comparisons accordingly. It does not contain manufacturer specific optimized code paths. Because all modifications that change the workload in 3DMark03 are forbidden, we were obliged to update the product to eliminate the effect of optimizations identified in different drivers so that 3DMark03 continued to produce comparable results.

However, recent developments in the graphics industry and game development suggest that a different approach for game performance benchmarking might be needed, where manufacturer-specific code path optimization is directly in the code source. Futuremark will consider whether this approach is needed in its future benchmarks.

NVIDIA Statement

NVIDIA works closely with developers to optimize games for GeForceFX. These optimizations (including shader optimizations) are the result of the co-development process. This is the approach NVIDIA would have preferred also for 3DMark03.

Joint NVIDIA-Futuremark Statement

Both NVIDIA and Futuremark want to define clear rules with the industry about how benchmarks should be developed and how they should be used. We believe that common rules will prevent these types of unfortunate situations moving forward

digitalwanderer 06-02-03 05:51 PM

Oh my gods!
It sounds like nVidia was able to bully Futuremark into compliance, they have been assimilated. :(

jimbob0i0 06-02-03 06:03 PM

does this still include the clip planes and buffer clearing :p

MikeC 06-02-03 06:06 PM

I can already tell this thread is going to go nowhere fast.

Ady 06-02-03 06:06 PM

well nvidia area really pushing their weight around. either that or it's April fools day or something. Got a link?

digitalwanderer 06-02-03 06:09 PM


Originally posted by MikeC
I can already tell this thread is going to go nowhere fast.
You kidding? This is like flicking matches at a powderkeg! :eek:

hithere 06-02-03 06:12 PM

It's okay, Futuremark, we all know what really happened. We all know that use of static clip planes is a cheat, and cannot possibly be beneficial under any condition other than a score in a benchmark. We all know that replacing shader code in an application-specific way is also a cheat. We all know that ALL application-specific optimizations for benchmarks that are based on detection are cheats, and not optimizations. Some of us are willing, even, to admit it to ourselves and others. Some are not. :D

Nvidia: 1
Consumer: 0

Hey Nvidia! How's it feel to exhibit the morals of the average three-year-old? Were you woosing in dat benchmark... awwwww...they're a buncha' bing dum-heads at Futuremark anyways with thier big dum-dum benchmark...I know, we'll just play like we're making the benchmark, and everyone'll believe it, but we'll just be wrecking it instead!!(/three-year-old girl)


Originally posted by some news poster on the front page
(some bs about eating crow)
No, thanks. I didn't definine the difference between right and wrong based on what nvidia told me before, and I'm not about to start believing that use of static clip planes and other nonsense is okay because they say so...not now, not ever. Nvidia is showing every one their @##...without an apology to the communities that support them on the web for this BS, Nvidia will never occupy my machine nor my household again.

jimbob0i0 06-02-03 06:14 PM

Ady look at www.hardocp.com for the link to the press release and yes I know kyle posted it but Brent has said over at rage3d that this has come from Terro Sarkkinen at futuremark direct to their mailbox.

Rogozhin 06-02-03 06:14 PM

this is a joke.


vampireuk 06-02-03 06:23 PM

*breaks out the shotguns*

I'll be watching you guys, and how do you know they didnt actually just sit down and talk it over? It's possible you know, oh look, its the cancer man!:p

muzz 06-02-03 06:23 PM

Looks like someone just got slapped around like a red-headed stepchild!

I wonder if they threatened to sue FM, or if there is a BOATLOAD of $ involved....( not insinuating, just wondering........)

" Here lets just revise the tesing procedure so NV has a chance....... even though it was THEIR choice to forego the DX standard of 24bit"

I hope That^^^^^^^^ was NOT anything like what transpired.

I smell BS, and Mike I think your right, nothing good is gonna come out of this except one shiney star..... that star lives in Cali.


nin_fragile14 06-02-03 06:32 PM

Pretty sad. Looksl like nvidia threatened lawsuit and futuremark backed down. I doubt there's anymore to it than that.

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