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Switch 08-29-02 03:21 PM

Need a truly DOS compatible sound card.
And I mean true compatibility. I don't want any emulation crap. I've got a SBLive but it's useless to get the emulation to work under Windows 98SE. Any suggestions on which I should purchase?

I've been looking at the Aopen AW840, but I don't know if it's DOS legacy support is emulation or not. I can grab the Aopen card for 12 bucks.

Also for those interested. I'm looking to make a Pentium 233/128MB RAM a Windows/DOS box so I can play my old DOS games again. That being the reason why I need such an old sound card. As far as I see it, the new games are great for visuals and such, but the old legacy DOS games are still so much fun and seem to have what the new games are missing.

Matthyahuw 08-29-02 03:32 PM

I have an old SB16 if you want it...

Switch 08-29-02 03:50 PM

Sounds good... How much do you want for it and do you have the original drivers? Seems creative doesn't have DOS drivers any longer.

Gator 08-30-02 09:49 AM

DOS drivers exist, but only for the ISA cards. The best DOS sound card is the SoundBlaster 16 ISA, or possibly the Sound Blaster 32awe or 64awe but I know very little about those

Matthyahuw 08-30-02 11:25 AM

yeah, it's ISA, and no, I don't have the drivers...it's not hard to find em if you look tho...

You seriously want it?

Switch 08-30-02 01:36 PM


Originally posted by Matthyahuw
yeah, it's ISA, and no, I don't have the drivers...it's not hard to find em if you look tho...

You seriously want it?

Yeah I do. And being ISA drivers are very easy to find.

Matthyahuw 08-30-02 02:07 PM

alright, $10 sound fair, plus ship? dunno what it is to ship...$5-$10?

Switch 08-30-02 02:31 PM

Sorry Matty, I got a friend that's gonna give me one. If anything changes I'll let you know.

Matthyahuw 08-30-02 02:37 PM


SavagePaladin 08-31-02 05:06 AM

I believe the Acoustic Edge has real DOS drivers. I'm not entirely sure.

Dazz 09-06-02 08:49 AM

Prett much any ISA sound card is fully DOS compatible, i too may have to build a **** system. Most DOS games won't even pick PCI sound cards up :(

Matthyahuw 09-06-02 10:35 AM

Some dude at school just gave me some A/V ISA card if anyone is interested...
It's from Winnov L.P.
Chip says 401 on it (model?).

It has speaker, mic, line, vid, mxc, and s-vid inputs (or are they outputs?).

Looks interesting, I think I might dig up my old mobo/cpu that's in the closet just to play with it...

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