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Tamerz 06-02-03 11:21 PM

Changes my vrefresh
I installed the drivers on my Mandrake 9.1 system and for some reason it says

(WW) NVIDIA(0): The user specified VertRefresh "50.000-160.000" has been
(WW) NVIDIA(0):      adjusted to "136.000-160.000" (the intersection with
(WW) NVIDIA(0):      EDID-specified VertRefresh "136.000-160.000

It then goes on to complain that the vrefresh it "adjusted" it to is out of range. Why is it doing this?

Tamerz 06-02-03 11:23 PM

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Here is my XF86Config-4

Tamerz 06-02-03 11:29 PM

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Hmm... didn't attach the log file for some reason. Here it is.

bwkaz 06-03-03 05:40 PM

Not all monitors work correctly with the EDID extension. Yours apparently is reporting that it can't handle any vertical refresh rates below 135Hz, which is clearly wrong.

Try adding a line reading Option "IgnoreEDID" "1" to your Device section, and see if that helps.

Tamerz 06-10-03 11:05 AM

That did the trick. Thanks!

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