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Distortion 06-03-03 03:22 AM

GF3 + TNT2 = trouble?

I have a friend who wants to use 2 graphic adapters simultaneously, a GF3 and a TNT2 (PCI). But this does't seem to work as his machine crashes when he tries this.
Is this a know problem or should it work? Is it a problem that the two card use the same drivers?


Grechie 06-03-03 05:29 AM

i neva knew you could have a GF3 & TNT2 in a computer running simintanously :)

Behemoth 06-03-03 05:36 AM

i am not sure but i have heard you cant have 2 cards of the same brand in one system due to the same driver problem. try other pci cards :)

Zod 06-03-03 06:36 AM

In my GF3 and GF2 days, I used a TNT2 PCI card and a GF2MX400 PCI card in tandem with the GF2/GF3 with no problems. The nVIDIA driver installer just installs both cards at the same time and they work together flawlesly, or at least they did for me.

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