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andysan 06-03-03 01:52 PM

Samsung X10 laptop NVidia drivers don't work
The previous thread concerning the Samsung X10 laptop has gone cold
( http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/show...threadid=10097 )
but I'm still desperate to get the NVidia drivers going. Can anyone help?

Here is a summary:

- Samsung X10 has several different versions which include either
Geforce4 420GO 32M or Geforce4 440GO 64M, but whichever the version I
and several others seem to have exactly the same problem: NVidia
driver (version 4363) installs with no problem, X starts up but with patterns of
horizontal lines rather than a normal display.

- When an external monitor is connected and used instead of the
internal panel, the NVidia drivers work fine: very nice accelerated

- XFree (nv driver) works fine on the internal panel at 1024x768
(working nv XF86Config attached). Use exactly the same config file
(with nv changed to nvidia, dri commented out) with NVidia driver and
get horizontal lines.

- Something strange with the laptop under Linux in general is that
when X is exited (either NVidia or XFree) the console does not display
properly: I fixed this following a tip found at:

So it seems that the problem is with syncing with the internal panel
and the way in which the NVidia driver detects/sets it up. I have
tried various different things in XF86Config: different resolutions,
IgnoreEDID (it seems that the panel's EDID returns strange values),
FlatPanelProperties, etc.

I am running RedHat9 but others with the same problems seem to be
using other distributions.

Would be very grateful for help.

andysan 06-03-03 01:55 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Forgot to post the working XFree (nv) XF86Config: here it is.

smiler 06-04-03 11:08 AM

unfortunately I don't have a solution for your problem. But I'm such a poor samsung x10 owner, too. So, perhaps I can support you here with my voice ;-)
I have exactly the same problems like you. It's quite funny (not real), that I've bought this laptop because there is a nvidia card in it and I thought, there shouldn't be to much problems, installing a driver and having good 3d-support an the laptop, beside any other graphic cards vendor.

At the moment I'm using my laptop with the xfree-nv driver. It's enough for developing, but for gaming I would like to have more fps. ;-)

Hopefully there will be a solution soon, the rest of my laptop works very well (except the wlan, of course)

best regards


davecs 06-05-03 06:08 AM

I don't have your laptop but I did have problems with Linux which turned out to be nothing to do with the nVidia driver itself.

These lines from your XF86Config-4 file:

HorizSync 31.5 - 57.0
VertRefresh 50.0 - 70.0

If your screen normally refreshes at 70Hz, you may find it is actually slightly higher (mine is nominally 75Hz but is actually 75.2). Having 70.0 as maximum would then prevent it using this frequency. In the case of my monitor 75.2Hz required a Horizontal Sync value of 80.3kHz but my HorizSync line only went up to 79. So it had to use a lower refresh rate and looked horrible!

If you have a Windows dual boot there may be a way of checking the figures (in my case it was by pressing the screen setup button). Or you may be able to find something in your documentation, on the Web or from the manufacturer.

The range of numbers in the two lines above must include your optimum vertical refesh and the corresponding horizontal sync rate.

Your external monitor may have a different sync rate (why it works OK) and when you use the 2D nv driver it may have less to do (why sync less critical).

On the other hand, I am no expert, and just know what worked for me. I could be completely wide of the mark!

Hope this helps.

andysan 06-10-03 05:16 PM

Hi davecs,

Thanks a lot for trying to help, but I'm pretty sure that isn't the problem with this laptop. I've tried lots of different screen modes and frequency ranges but always with the same problem. It seems to be something more fundamental unfortunately...


Lynx3d 06-11-03 07:09 AM

Another plagued X10 user with exactly the same problems...
So no sulution yet on the screen salad?

I'm using Mandrake 9.1, and when i use the Control Center of it, it does set the resolution 1024x768@60Hz for an external monitor if want it to, however the LCD still displays sh**...
How do i know it does set it for both monitors? Is there some kind ov nView in the Linux drivers?

I'm very new to Linux...the nvidia moule also doesn't get loaded automatically, have to do that with modprobe before startx will work, and it says "nvidia loaded with warnings" and something with tainted kernel...?? :(

andysan 06-16-03 10:32 AM


Anyone from NVidia reading this? There are quite a few of us out there with non-working Samsung X10s that are waiting patiently for some help with this.

Looking more at the screen patterns I get when trying to run the NVidia driver, it is clear to me now that wheras I described the pattern before as "random horizontal lines", the display is definitely _nearly_ right --- it shows all the right colours and is rock solid (not random flickering at all) --- it just looks like the horizontal lines are offset by the wrong amount (a constant factor) from one line to the next.. Has anyone seen something like this before?


Lynx3d 06-16-03 06:45 PM

Yea you're right, to me it seems as if more (or less) than one screen line gets displayed per LCD line, the image just flickers heavily distorted over the screen, but you can see the correct colors...somewhat...i can see something green when sutting down, coming from the checkmarks... :D
But what makes me wonder is why the "nv" driver from Mandrake has the same problem once you quit an KDE session for example.

I've also heard that people had problems with their TFT connected to the DVI under Linux, whereas on the vga output ot worked fine...something messed up there?
Still haven't found out about that TFT vs CRT settings 'n all the stuff in the demo XF86Config.sample, it's just hurts too much looking at the poor LCD while testing all the possibilities...

silversun 06-17-03 07:06 AM


I just want to join the club of sad x10 users. (Again, since I was already whining in the dead cold thread). Maybe I can add another detail to the discussion. Besides having the usual problems with the 'nvidia' drivers, I also have a problem with the OS 'nv' drivers. When playing movies in fullscreen (mplayer/xine) I also see kind of a sync problem, i.e. the horizontal lines are shifted against each other by a few dozend pixels per line, rendering the picture washed out and blurry.

I would really like to see this working.


arthur1968 08-31-03 05:04 PM


Originally posted by Lynx3d
Another plagued X10 user with exactly the same problems...
So no sulution yet on the screen salad?

I'm using Mandrake 9.1, ...

I'm very new to Linux...the nvidia moule also doesn't get loaded automatically, have to do that with modprobe before startx will work, and it says "nvidia loaded with warnings" and something with tainted kernel...?? :(

Hi, Lynx3d,

Did you actually manage to install Mandrake 9.1 straight away?.

I've tried to install on my X10 XTC1600, and the installation programme ALWAYS tells me that the graphical config. was not set up during installation.

Any choices of monitor, frequencies, and resolutions make the laptop screen go absolutely wild.

How did you get round this?.



Lynx3d 09-01-03 10:19 AM

Uhm...actually i don't remember. I did try it like 5 times, AFAIK i managed by using a CRT Monitor...
I don't remember what driver i chose, but i think the nv generic or what it's called...haven't really touched Linux since then, because nothing really works.
Maybe the new kernel at least gives me ACPI and WLan...

arthur1968 09-11-03 11:04 AM

Hi there!

Someone suggested that I installed KNOPPIX.

I did it, and

Now I can see all messages when rebooting.
With RH 9 the screen went mad...

This is of course about graphics

(no ACPI, no WiFI, ...)

BTW, I contacted INTEL :eek: about Linux drivers for Centrino laptops:

"Working on them; expect release Q1 2004, if not earlier"

May the force be with you

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