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offishall 02-13-09 06:24 PM

New GTX 295 Owner. HELP!!!
Purchased a new GTX 295 tonight as well as a 700 watt coolmaster.Got everything installed and setup, boot into Vista 64, installed driver, rebooted, and when it came back..it just got stuck at a black screen...will never load...Tried safe mode, removing drivers, etc. Nothing. Formatted and put WIndows 7 on from scratch, loaded new driver, boom, wont load windows.

Any ideas? Dead card?

Muppet 02-13-09 07:08 PM

Re: New GTX 295 Owner. HELP!!!
Did you try a different set of drivers or just the same ones? Also make sure to load chipset drivers before graphics drivers on a new install.

QR_prose 02-13-09 07:08 PM

Re: New GTX 295 Owner. HELP!!!
The video card won't POST, at all? Are you able get into your BIOS?

Jafo67 02-13-09 08:04 PM

Re: New GTX 295 Owner. HELP!!!
Exact same thing happened to earlier this week. No overclocking, just powered on my computer Wednesday morning and it would not post. Only difference is I am using XPPro on that machine. Popped in my old card - 8800GTX worked fine. I flashed the motherboard bios, reset CMOS, still nothing with the GTX295.

Ended up having to obtain a rma, (easy enough at evga.com). I paid $30 for "Advanced RMA", they crossed shipped my new card and shipped it next day air. The replacement just arrived about an hour ago, getting ready to run the benchmarks - again.

offishall 02-13-09 10:56 PM

Re: New GTX 295 Owner. HELP!!!
Ok i got it. Maaan what a friggin night.
Turns out I can not use the 181.22 drivers. I MUST install the latest beta ones for them to post. NO idea why, all I can figure is its because of my stock motherboard from Dell, which before you yell at me I am replacing very soon :P I loaded windows 7 beta, loaded the drivers, windows will not load. I boot to safe more, remove, windows will load, but want to drivers. So I saw there were some beta drivers, they work fine. I have no idea why, even back in windows Vista 64, if I use 181.22 I cant get windows to loud, yet if I use the latest beta, no problems. Very wierd.

Also, how hot is too hot for these cards?

jeong 02-13-09 11:34 PM

Re: New GTX 295 Owner. HELP!!!
I had severe SLI problems with 181.22...182.05 beta seems less troubling than 181.22 so far that is.

Unstable_Hero 02-13-09 11:41 PM

Re: New GTX 295 Owner. HELP!!!
sounds like your PSU may not have the power to run that card, whats the model?

offishall 02-14-09 06:22 AM

Re: New GTX 295 Owner. HELP!!!
rm 700 coolmaster

only 1 sata HD and 1 dvd drive. Only other pci card is a wireless nic. Everything else is onboard.

Unstable_Hero 02-15-09 05:29 PM

Re: New GTX 295 Owner. HELP!!!
are you using DVI or HDMI?

wysiwyg 02-16-09 09:22 AM

Re: New GTX 295 Owner. HELP!!!
try re seating the card and what motherboard?

but apart from that id still put the blame on the PSU

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