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Retrolock 02-16-09 10:41 PM

***Official Street Fighter IV Thread***
Yesterday I saw in our local shop a xbox 360 copy of Street Fighter IV. I was surprised coz I thought the game was to be released 2/17. Anyone already played this? Impressions? Thanks.

crainger 02-16-09 11:06 PM

Re: Street Fighter IV
It is the 17th and I forgot to pick it up. ::(:

Mr. Hunt 02-16-09 11:46 PM

Re: Street Fighter IV
Going to pick it up in the morning.

NaitoSan 02-17-09 12:30 AM

Re: Street Fighter IV
my friend is picking it up tomorrow. i want to get it but can't really afford it. :( i gotta save money for new laptop.

Marvel_us 02-17-09 12:37 AM

Re: Street Fighter IV
Doesn't that mean the ship date is the 17th and it will really be there no the 18th?

crainger 02-17-09 01:23 AM

Re: Street Fighter IV
No. Ship date was 16th, and it is now out 17th. I'll prob get PS3 version cos of the control pad.

EciDemon 02-17-09 06:48 AM

Re: Street Fighter IV
I played a (lee) at a friends place last week. Damn nice game. über cheap last boss, seems he can cancel out your moves a lot during the second round.
It feels like playing any old sf2 and that's a good thing I think, just some slight changes to game mechanics. I like the artistic approach though some character faces do look a bit rough. Not related to the game but fighting games and 360 controller don't work well together. I kept missing great opportunities due to the lazy d-pad causing my character to jump instead of executing specials.

I'm expecting my ps3 collectors edition this Friday and man I can't wait!!!! I'm also considering getting one of those arcade like sticks, as long as they are compatible with Soul Calibur 4 as well.

Ninjaman09 02-17-09 08:18 AM

Re: Street Fighter IV
Got my collector's edition coming in today, just waiting for Gamestop to call. Can't wait to play. I have to get good fast; a bunch of us are getting together Thursday for a tournament!

six_storm 02-17-09 08:43 AM

Re: Street Fighter IV
Wow, totally forgot this was coming out this week. Waiting for the PC version to release this summer ;)

LurkerLito 02-17-09 09:07 AM

Re: Street Fighter IV
My PS3 Collector's Edition should ship out tomorrow and get to me by Thursday. I can't wait. I have played this series since the original Street Fighter. I spent way to much money on this game over the years from quarters in the arcade to almost every console I have owned.

tornadog 02-17-09 09:15 AM

Re: Street Fighter IV
thank god I cant play fighting games any more since my wrist injury. They used to suck every bit of my idle time and then the frustration and control throwing. Its all past me now. No more fighting games, unless they invent something that does not require the use of my right hand :D

Mr. Hunt 02-17-09 11:35 AM

Re: Street Fighter IV
Ugh... I hate all of you that got the collectors edition... I went to preorder it but they were all sold out :(... got stuck with the normal version... hopefully I will be getting mine in about an hour.

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