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litri 02-17-09 02:40 AM

Crysis stops responding after patch 1.2

The other day i finally settled my overclock as in sig and i thought about giving crysis a try.
So i installed the game and configured resolution, key map, etc. I didn't really start to play.

Then i realized that there were a few patches for the game. I downloaded 1.1, installed it and then run the game, i checked that everything in the game configuration was not changed. Then i quit the game without playing again and got the 1.2 patch. I installed it and as soon as the game started loading i got loading i got an error "Crysis stopped responding..." so i closed the window.

Now, no matter what i do (changed drivers, etc) the game is always doing the same, i can't play the damm thing!!

I'm using Vista Ultimate x64 with the latest nforce (15.23 whql) and geforce (181.22 whql) and every other game runs fine...

Any help???

Retrolock 02-24-09 01:17 AM

Re: Crysis stops responding after patch 1.2
This is one week too late but..

There's a hotfix patch, 1.2.1, try it if you havent done so


mojoman0 02-24-09 05:35 PM

Re: Crysis stops responding after patch 1.2
Mine crashes as well after loading a new game in 64 bit DX9 mode. Help!

jcrox 03-09-09 06:30 PM

Re: Crysis stops responding after patch 1.2
Are you attempting to load a previously saved game?

If you started and saved while in DX10 mode, attempting to load in DX9 (or vice versa) has caused crashes for me before. Restarting the game from the beginning fixed it.

Also it is possible that if you're trying to load a game you started before installing the patch, that could cause it too.

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