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Max3D 08-30-02 03:57 AM

30.82 and 40.41 resolution + monitor OSD.
With either 30.82 official or 40.41 drivers the resolution not showing on my Monitors on screen display, normally it shows the current resolution and refresh (1280x960/ 85Hz) and now it only shows refresh rate as 85Hz no matter what resolution I choose, it seems to me the resolution not correct in these drivers, if I go back to 29.42 or any older driver everything is back to normal, would anyone like to clue me in to what's going on? By the way I'm using a Quadro2 Pro card and Sony 19" Trinitron Flat CRT monitor.

p.s. Please don't confuse my resolution issue with the refresh rate problems in Win2k/XP that's existed for quite some time.

Edguy 09-04-02 04:15 AM

well, i have kind of a similar problem tho i wish it was more like yours...

if i select 100Hz in the 40.41(worked with all other XP drivers, 30.82 was fine), windows changes refresh, says it's running at 100Hz, BUT, if i check the monitor OSD, it says 1024x768@75hz! :confused: (and, it's not wrong, the screen flickers)

if i select 60 or 72hz... it works as it should... and 75.. but anything over that... 85... 100... it still says right in windows.. but the monitor OSD says 75Hz no matter what...

And like stated above, this is not the "usual" 60hz refresh "bug".

anyone got any input on this?

TerryHau 09-05-02 02:15 AM

Sam problem described in this thread

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