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SameTimeGuy 06-04-03 01:57 PM

Twinview with Dual 1701FP Single Quadro4
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I must be missing something ....
i've read all the posts i can find on this, and nobody has a successful config that has twinview working with two dfp's - so what's wrong.

Here's my configuration:
Dual Dell 1701 Flat Panels, attached to a Quadro4 700 XGL GPU.

One panel on the analog port, the other on the Digital (have tried with a converter as well)

No matter what my XF86Config, i get the same error all the time:

2 display devices connected, but only 1 supported; adjusting

Yet this exact configuration works on XP!

Can anyone shed some light - i want to have a desktop of 2048x1024 NOT a cloned desktop which i can get by simply using the analog converter on the digital port.

SameTimeGuy 06-04-03 01:59 PM

XFree86 Log File
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here's the log

SameTimeGuy 06-05-03 01:43 PM

Forget it - wrong video card installed
as pointed out, the log shows the GPU detected as a Quadro2 Pro which doesn't have Dualhead capability.

Now i have to track down the guys at Dell and find out why they shipped the wrong cards !!!!

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