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MaxFX 02-22-09 07:19 AM

Witch Mod please ?
Hello guys!

Sorry if this has been posted a milion times but I cant seem to find a good performance mod for Warhead eaiter the HDR is way overdue or it get to much of everything so to speak.

I just got a GTX 285 so I finaly can enjoy this game but som nice Mod for it would be nice so if you know any that gives a little better performance without adding/changing the look of the game to much please point me in the right direction :)

And i guess that DX9 is the way to go as what i have read it's the best and give you the same gfx. Motion Blur aint as good maybe but i prefer to play without it anyway!

TheANIMAL 02-22-09 08:22 PM

Re: Witch Mod please ?
What res are you playing it at?

If its anything less than 1920*1200 then you wont need to alter your .cfg or tweak the settings for performace. 285 should run it pretty butter smooth.

Anywho, this would be a good place to look: http://incrysis.com/forums/viewforum.php?id=35

MaxFX 02-23-09 05:42 AM

Re: Witch Mod please ?
Sorry forgot to say that, running at 1920*1200 with a config from pcgameshardware and got good fps and it looks ace :)
I use the performance but quality config and it's butter smoth and this config doesent alter the other settings to much as e.x contrast/HDR as most configs make it look like total crap IMO, so these seems like the best by far!

Thanks for the link will check it out but I think im settle now!
Heres the cfg files!


There have been several configuration files for Crysis that improved the graphics. One of the most popular is the mster config (also known as "Ultra-High-Quality-Config). If you use it for Warhead, you don't necessarily get better quality, since in the meantime several options were changed. We took a closer look to uncountable parameters and adjusted them to the new game. The result: Three autoexec.cfg files - "Performance”, "High Quality” and "Uber Quality”.

We focused on improving the graphics without alienating it. Many mods on the web for example deliver excessive HDR Rendering. We kept our hands off those parameters if possible. The result is a more or less drastic improvement of the visual quality that still has the look Crytek created. To explain all the adjustments would go beyond the scope of this article, so we just name the most important ones!

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