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contender 08-30-02 04:16 AM

Gaming Under Linux
I'm very new to the "Linux business".

I will install Red Hat 7.3 on my system soon; and will probably have many problems when installing the nvidia drivers ;)

My question is: Are there seperate Linux-Versions of games - how do I get those? What latest games are available for Linux? Or can one use the Windows-Versions with some "trick"?

You see - I'm a little bit confused about this topic ...

Thanks for any answer

cchester14 08-30-02 04:40 AM

Yes there are linux games out there that you can get.
You will have to do a search to find a place that sells them.
Also do a search on ebay for linux games.
You can also goto www.transgaming.com and subscribe and download their WineX 2.1 that will allow you to play alot of Windows games.

Thunderbird 08-30-02 09:44 AM

For linux you have 3 choices regarding gaming.

1) Some games have a free linux port. For these games you need the windows cd and then then linux "binaries" (executables). Games that have linux binaries are Unreal Tournament, about all idsoftware games (quake3, rtcw, quake2 ....) and some others.

2) Buy a linux version of a game. Unfortunately there are not many real linux versions of games. The main linux porting house (loki games) went bankrupt. They ported Tribes2, Simcity3000 and various other titles. Those are still availible from http://www.tuxgames.com

3) The last option is "emulation". Not real emulation like for old consoles but more a bit OS emulation. There's a program called Wine (has a fork meant for gaming called WineX) that allows you to run windows programs on linux. The problem is that not all apps work yet and that it can be slower.

mdu_adam 08-30-02 11:06 AM

4th option
1 Attachment(s)
u can play quake under linux with the windows cd ^^
check the file attached
it is very simple

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