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Benedikt 06-04-03 04:13 PM

TFT switches off on Geforce2Go

at first: Yes, I read the 'Read me first thread' but I am no longer able to boot and get the XF84Config-4.

From the beginning: I was able to install the driver with the kernel version 2.4.18-686 (Debian Woody) on an Acer Travelmate 632XC with a Geforce2Go Chip.
after that I was not able to start X so I started modconf and added the module nv to the kernel.

Since I was lazy (OK, and a bit stupid) I just copied the sample XF86Config from /usr/share/doc/[GF something/XF86Config.sample

Then I did it... 'startx' and everything was over. The TFT switched off an there was no way to come back to a text-console any more. I had to hard-reset the computer.
Now every time I boot LINUX it tries to start X and the same hapens. :(


Benedikt 06-05-03 10:07 AM

no ideas? :-(

leibold 06-06-03 12:06 AM

Boot into single-user mode or any other runlevel that doesn't start the X gui (on most distributions you could use runlevel 3). Details depend on your system and specifically the bootloader used, but typically involve adding something like "init=3" or "init=single" to the boot command line.

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