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devy100 02-24-09 10:52 PM

Link error with MCP67 Ethernet
Ethernet controller: nVidia Corporation MCP67 Ethernet (rev a2)
Board: GF7025-M2

I have a situation where the link only comes up if I attach the Ethernet cable at a particular point during the boot process.

If I power on the machine with the Ethernet cable attached, the Ethernet port will blink once during boot, then turn off. I then get the following in the kernel log:

eth0: no link during initialization.
If instead, I attach the cable a few seconds after the port blinks, it will turn on, and I get the following:

eth0: link up.
So it seems that there is some timing issue at work here?

devy100 02-25-09 01:50 PM

Re: Link error with MCP67 Ethernet
I *think* this was a boot script issue. see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/272059

I upgraded from ubuntu 8.04 to 8.10, and the link light now comes on during bootup.


Dizzle7677 02-28-09 02:15 PM

Re: Link error with MCP67 Ethernet
Yeah 8.04 network manager was a mess, to put it lightly...

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