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Smokey 07-29-02 05:36 AM

Need a RavenShield thread
I know this is going to be my next biggest game without a doubt, anyone else here waiting for this one?

RavenShield Official site

This is my clans site

Our clan site is for The Sum of All Fears at the moment, but we do have some infomation on Raven Shield also, once Raven is out we will be re-doing the site :D


Matthyahuw 07-29-02 10:13 AM

Looks great!
I enjoy their games, although they're not my fav genre

PCarr78 07-29-02 11:12 AM

Did anyone actually do the planning stage? LOL

I remember spending 4 hours on an elaborate plan, only to jump in the game and play it like i play quake...

run and gun

Smokey 07-31-02 08:44 PM

Im bumping this up :p I want as many people here to see this game and get damn excited about it as much as I. The game is due our September/October, its using the newest Unreal engine with updates, and I want to play MP with some of you people in here :D I dont care so much for the SP its the MP that is going to rock my world, if you want team work, then this game should fit the bill, oh did I mention that there are going to be first weapon view? Anyways, I really want to play some games with people from NVNews or VE, really only two sites I post on.


Smokey 08-03-02 03:47 PM


Ravenshield Homepage

I thought that there were alot of CS players here, this should be the game to look out for ppl if you like tac shooters.


Smokey 08-17-02 07:52 AM

im bumping this again :p everyone should be talking about this great game, this is going to be the best CQC team tactic game out there. Does any one here like non arcade team games:confused:

JohnsonLKD 08-17-02 07:55 AM

I hate emenies in rabow series...

They can make 100% headshot with a uzi from 500yards away...

Smokey 08-23-02 05:14 AM

I think thats a bit over the top, AI has come along way since those days though, and these really shine in MP. Word has it in the Raven Forums, that a MP demo "may" be out on the 26th. It all depends on what gameplay you prefer. If its arcade, dont go play R6 games, if you like a challange, use of "skill" "teamwork" then Raven Shield is going to be for you. People often say that there is never any team work, all I say is, get in a clan and play on clan servers. Use BattleCom. RogerWilco, GameVoice or Team Speak(best one IMO) a game with one shot (headshots) kills, no respawns, no 3rd view, no auto aim, no mini maps, ingame voice comms, can add clans armpatch to uniform, list goes on and on.

nin_fragile14 08-23-02 09:41 AM

Does this use Direct X 8 features?

Smokey 08-23-02 12:50 PM


Originally posted by nin_fragile14
Does this use Direct X 8 features?

Here are two screenshots that show some sort of reflection maps, as for the use of direcx8 features im not really sure, although I do know that it will supports ATIs true form which does look good, hell the game looks good anyways :D

looks like I couldnt directly link to the screen shots, so Im trying to host the screenshots on my site.

My Site

Smokey 08-28-02 04:04 AM

No one going to check the pics on my site and comment on how great they look :confused:

Smokey 08-30-02 03:16 PM

Well as it looks like im the one here to keep everyone upto date on this game, let me be the bringer of bad news.

Raven Shield is being delayed until FEB'03 :mad:

Lets hope its all for the better :p

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