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zberry 02-28-09 10:14 PM

Problem with 280 gtx using Maya

I'm really happy with my 280, but I do a lot of work in Maya, and I am experiencing some problems with the card. Every 30 seconds to a minute, my viewport will flicker, and if I move the camera or change anything, as soon as I release the mouse the screen will revert back to the position it was in before the flickering occured. This problem can be solved by using the space bar to expand the viewport to four panels, then again to go back to full screen perspective view. This problem isnt preventing me from working, but it is a huge annoyance to deal with every few minutes or so.

I have installed the latest drivers, but the problem persists. Does anyone else using a 280 gtx with Maya have this issue? I am using a dual screen set-up, not sure if that makes a difference.

jolle 03-01-09 03:40 AM

Re: Problem with 280 gtx using Maya
happened to me ever since the 8800GT.
But only in XP, been working fine in Vista sofar.
I was trying tons of stuff to get it to work in XP, but never found anything that worked.

Another oddity is Motionbuilder performance is abysmal in XP and Dual View, works fine in Span mode, and if you set single display acceleration for OpenGL in the drivers, but then you can only really use one of the monitors as the windows are drawn with OpenGL and wont work on the other screen.
But in Vista MB runs fine in Dual View.

Bit Ironic that these OpenGL apps work better in Vista IMO..

Btw if you find selection of highres meshes slow and laggy, add this line to the Maya.env file.
set environment variable MAYA_NO_VERTEX_ARRAY_SELECT = 1

zberry 03-01-09 03:46 AM

Re: Problem with 280 gtx using Maya
Thanks for the tip, sounds like I may be switching to Vista. I was really hoping I wouldnt have to, but this glitch is driving me nuts.

nix21 03-28-09 07:14 PM

Re: Problem with 280 gtx using Maya
I had the exact same problem and fixed it on an XP system, by going into the Nvidia advanced settings and turning off "Threaded Optimization". I believe I also turned off 'Extension Limit', but if I remember correctly it was Threaded Optimization did the trick. Because as soon as I turned TO back on again to test it, it was flickering immediatly.

Also as Jolle said, I would probably stay out of Dual mode if you have two monitors. Span seems to work though.

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