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Hellkeepa 03-01-09 05:08 PM

Post sort order!

I've just recently joined the forum, and posted a couple of threads here. Great community with good help, so there's only one thing that annoys me: The sort order of the posts in the thread.
WHY have you gone and reversed the flow of the conversations, contrary to 99% of the other fora out there, and basic logic and user expectation?! I've already been confused by this several times, and it just simply prevents me from reading up on threads unless I'm really interested in learning what's being said in them. At least let us choose what order we want to see the posts in.

I recommend letting all newcomers see it in the default ascending cronological order, while letting those who've already signed up select what they prever via the control panel. Heck, if you don't have the time I'd gladly do it for you, for free. That's how much this annoys me.

Anyone else agrees with me on this?

Happy codin'!

LORD-eX-Bu 03-01-09 05:25 PM

Re: Post sort order!
you just barely joined and you are already *****ing about the way the forum works?

DaveChambers 03-01-09 06:18 PM

Re: Post sort order!
Youre saying the posts within a thread are not in order of first to most recent at the bottom?

Hellkeepa 03-02-09 04:05 AM

Re: Post sort order!

Indeed, that is what I'm saying.
I've got the most recent replies on top, going downwards to the first post in the thread at the last page. I'm I the only one who has it like this, or..?

Happy codin'!

MikeC 03-02-09 05:35 AM

Re: Post sort order!
This may help...


Hellkeepa 03-02-09 06:35 AM

Re: Post sort order!

OK... Now I'm confused. I've looked through the UserCP three times before, and had not found anywhere to change the sort order. Looked again just now, mainly just to humour you MikeC, and lo and behold! Suddenly I see a whole slew of new settings under "options"?

Have this always been there, is there a post-count limit to some of the options, have browser messed with me (very doubtful, as I had the submit-buttons), or have I just been extra-ordinarily blind before? *Scratches head*
I'm leaning towards either option 2 or 4, though I'd like to think it's number 2.

Anyway, I got the issue sorted out. Thanks. :)

Happy codin'!

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