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Noriega 03-05-09 04:31 AM

The Hunter

It is free hunting game!

My first kill.


wysiwyg 03-05-09 04:34 AM

Re: The Hunter
thats terrible :s

K007 03-05-09 04:55 AM

Re: The Hunter

Noriega 03-05-09 07:46 AM

Re: The Hunter

Someone said that he didn't find any deer. I was tracking this 5 ( 3 are on the picture) for 30 minutes! That was really hard cause the trails were very different (in many different directions) but I found them using intuition. I wanted to shoot male deer but I miss... they were looking so sweet that I even don't mind and let them live.

breathemetal 03-05-09 09:36 AM

Re: The Hunter
im actually going to try this out

proliferazor 03-06-09 12:14 AM

Re: The Hunter
i just tried this and its AMAZING! Best hunter ever!

CaptNKILL 03-06-09 12:41 AM

Re: The Hunter
Cool, I've been looking forward to trying this out. The screenshots are pretty impressive.

Its downloading reaaaaaally slowly though. :o

nekrosoft13 03-06-09 12:48 AM

Re: The Hunter
you have to make an account?

CaptNKILL 03-06-09 01:20 AM

Re: The Hunter
Yeah its easy though. I'm already registered and downloading it.

The download server has sped up significantly too.

proliferazor 03-06-09 01:38 AM

Re: The Hunter
Caught a glimpse of a deer O.o

glObalist 03-06-09 01:45 AM

Re: The Hunter
Could this be THE Wolfquest killer?

methimpikehoses 03-06-09 01:45 AM

Re: The Hunter
****ing elk

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