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huegenbegger 06-06-03 09:59 AM

geforce FX Go 5200 support ?
Hi there !
Does anyone know whether there?s already a driver support for the nvidia geforce fx go 5200? I managed to keep it going with the new Suse 8.2 distribution and the nvidia drivers by online update. But I couldn`t activate the openGL 3D, because there?s no possibility to chose my card in the list of Sax2.

So, should I try to activate it by chosing the geforce FX 5800 or schould I wait for further updates?

Or are there any other possibilities?

Thanks a lot an cya


Thunderbird 06-06-03 12:48 PM

Not sure what driver version you are using. The latest releases (1.0-43xx) support FX based cards. It really doesn't matter what card you select in SAX2, it is a Riva TNT or a GeforceFX 5800 .... all use the same driver. (make sure it is the latest release)

(edit ..)
Oops didn't see you talked about a GO version. Not sure if those are supported yet atleast the non-GO versions work...

huegenbegger 06-06-03 01:26 PM

Iīm using the latest driver I checked it manually.

But what I wonder about is, if thereīs no difference between the different driver why is there any possibility to choose?
I think itīs a driver pack which includes all needed drivers for each nvidia card, because the different cards work with different clock settings. I wouldnīt enjoy to see my chipset burn in case of a to high clock speed.

But maybe itīs just not supported yet and I have to wait a few weeks.

Thanks anyway....

Iīm looking forward so much to test the 3d performance under linux :D

cu Basti

Thunderbird 06-06-03 02:22 PM

Nvidia uses a so called unified driver architecture because of this ALL their chipsets (not included are the NV1 and riva128/zx) wokr using the same driver. The card should work fine if it contains the ids for your card.

HGi2001 06-07-03 11:46 AM

The FX Go 5200 did not work with the driver 1.0-4363:

As you can read in the readme:
o GeForce FX 5800 Ultra 0x0301
o GeForce FX 5800 0x0302
o GeForce FX 5600 Ultra 0x0311
o GeForce FX 5600 0x0312
o GeForce FX 5200 Ultra 0x0321
o GeForce FX 5200 0x0322
(and this are all GeForce FX)

lspci -n shows the FX Go 5200 as ID 0x0324

IMO the driver didn't support the FX Go 5200 :(

pteufl 06-07-03 12:02 PM

According to this posting the README is out of date:


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