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smukketorben 06-06-03 10:01 AM

Creative 4800SE problems (twinview, exit X)
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I have a new Creative 4800SE. I'm expericing two major problems:

1) With 43.63 I can't exit X. It simply hangs with black screen and I have to hard reset ! With driver 41.91 a shutdown is performed but only with a black screen (no text). There are the same problems with "init 3". All this worked perfectly with the same configuration with my GF 3 TI 200.
2) I simply can't make twinview work with my tv. I can make the tv work, but then the monitor dosent work.

Both things works perfectly under Win XP. I have tryed the sample config file supplied with the driver, but it hangs imidiatly after the NVIDIA screen.

I have attached the XF86config-4 file. I'm running 2.4.20 (own compilation) on a RH 8.0 system. If anybody would send me a working XF86config-4 with twinview and their .config from the kernel, I would be happy :)

Regard Torben

aprodigy 06-29-03 04:18 PM

Check this because of the lockups:


It works...

Regarding the TwinView related issues I can confirm your troubles - it seems to be because of the Philips-TV-Chips used on some 4800se's...

Check the nvtv-Homepage for further info...

Greets, Marco

smukketorben 06-30-03 07:02 AM

I have found the solution. The problem was not the graphiccard, but the cooling of the northbridge, which I for noisereasons have downgraded to 8 V. After I changed to 12 V, I everything but the tv-out worked perfectly.

But the tv-out problem is not solved. With the NV drivers it should work with twinview clone, but I can't make it work :(

Regards Torben

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