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danboid 06-07-03 03:54 AM

Recording under RH9 w/ ALSA 0.9.4
I'm running Redhat 9 on a A7N8X deluxe (NFORCE 2 chipset) board, and although ALSA 0.9.4 sound output works, recording doesn't. I've tried Audacity 1.1.3 and the latest CVS version as well as the Sound Recording program that comes with RH but not one of them records anything. It's nothing to do with mixer settings as I've checked them

Is it just a bug in the latest ALSA, as recording under Audacity worked for me on exactly the same hardware but when I was running Mandrake 9.1 with ALSA 0.9.2/3.

Has anybody else experienced this?

Thanks for your help,


remu 06-07-03 09:54 AM

hi danboid,

I had the same problem when trying to use gnomemeeting under KDE. The solution was to kill artsd. It somehow interferes with ALSA.

By killing arstd, it made the soundcard to work in fullduplex mode.


danboid 06-11-03 03:12 AM

Yes, I have turned aRTs off already as it was causing me problems. This made playback work fine but recording is still broken. Are you running RedHat 9 with ALSA 0.9.4?

remu 06-12-03 12:10 AM

Yes, I'm running RH9 and Gentoo.
In Gentoo everything has worked out-of-the-box.
In Redhat I had very much trouble getting the recording to work with ALSA 0.9.3 drivers. I found out, that I had in the KDE-taskbar the kmix-applet installed. As soon as I logged into KDE, the recording stopped to work. I also queried for a solution to this behaviour from the alsa-mailing list without any help. So I removed the kmix-applet and recording worked. This behaviour disappeared though, when I upgraded ALSA to 0.9.4

You could try to stop autoloading the snd-oss-mixer module and load it _just_ before you're trying to record something. And remember to setup the volumes to a proper level.

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