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Dreamweavernoob 03-12-09 06:57 PM

Oh noes! (fcked up GTX 295)
So I fired up Counter Strike Source for a quick game. upon loading the whole screen was filled with flashing sparkles etc. I exited game and tried again with same result.

I took screenshot but it did not show sparkles.

So I loaded another game (soldier of fortune 3)and it worked fine :|

Any ideas?

Graphics card: GTX 295.
Power Supply: 650W corsair

edit: I loaded up Day of defeat source and it was sparkling as well, same with the original half life.

nvidia monitor shows temperatures @ 50oc (I have fan on high).

Edit 2: and mirrors edge is shwoing the artifacting. 3Dmark06 is also artifacting and is showing this when I alt tabbed


XDanger 03-12-09 09:03 PM

Re: Oh noes!
Magic fairy dust on your monitor.

Dreamweavernoob 03-12-09 09:08 PM

Re: Oh noes!

Originally Posted by XDanger (Post 1956501)
Magic fairy dust on your monitor.

Oh thank god for that.

XDanger 03-12-09 09:18 PM

Re: Oh noes!
Or it could be hot ram.


methimpikehoses 03-12-09 09:28 PM

Re: Oh noes!

wysiwyg 03-13-09 05:31 AM

Re: Oh noes!
try different drivers, maybe your case gets too hot for the 295

the 8800gt i use now for physx when i first got it it would artifact or lock up all the time untill i got a bigger case with better ventilation

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