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Kruno 07-27-02 10:32 PM

I think Morrowind deserves another thread
I just ran it now with max aniso and -3.0 LOD and 8x aniso and it runs perfect in towns at 1152x864. No slowdown. As soon as you enable AA it kills the framerate lolz to unplayable levels in towns.
I'll stick to high res and sharpest quality with NO AA for now. :)
I will update my homepage with pics (doing it now as I type). Framerate never once diped below 35fps with my current settings which actually is amazing. This game runs damn good. Also I have my viewing range half way.

Just updated my site with a pic. :D

druga runda 07-28-02 01:23 AM

It surely deserves another thread.

But you are running at what 2.7ghz?

My poor XP 1500+ always keeps over 20 FPS in towns with view at ~1/3 But hey, it is still bearable for a great game.

And why don't you run at 1600x1200, not much of a difference to me. 1-2 FPS. Even though i went down to 1024x768 as I am normally around 26, 27 fps so those 1-2 mean something to me. But 1600x1200 looks much better.

GFti200 220/500
256mb ram

Kruno 07-28-02 01:45 AM

Err Dude! I am running roughly around 1.8gig. You know 1 way of ganing framrate is to close of al things in bg like explorer and other services in XP and overclock your video card to extremes. Unless it is going 20fps on my system but feels like it's moving at 30fps+.

DIMA 07-28-02 07:59 AM

The game is really a system hog!!!! :mad:


Kruno 07-28-02 08:33 AM

Hence my tweak works brilliantly. I made a post before the NvNews cataclysm about how to maximise performance through leaving the most minimum things running. I'm pretty sure not many if anyone had followed my advice. People wonder how I get better frame rate then them when their system is above mine is pretty obvious. Tweak the living crip out of your system. Also enable quadratic lighting in the Morrowind ini file.

Best tweak sites:


vampireuk 07-28-02 08:48 AM

The background on your site is pretty cool:cool:

Kruno 07-28-02 08:58 AM

You seen my site. YAY! People look at my site. :cool: thanks :)

Starscream 07-28-02 11:27 AM

I played morrow wind a little yesterday but didn't get into that much. Maybe because it seems to be running a little slow on my video card (voltage modded Kyro 2 running at 190mhz). Is there a way to show the fps in game?

edit - about 5 seconds after I posted this I saw the showfps line in the morrowind ini file. heh.

PCarr78 07-28-02 11:30 AM

KILER, can you post a pic of MW running at those settings?

prydah 07-28-02 12:35 PM

morrowind finally runs better...
with the new (well not-so-new) first official patch, morrowind runs great

and that was patched and tested before i upgraded to my ti 4200.

but with the ti 4200, i finally got to see the water and water reflections correctly and its awesome!

PCarr78 07-28-02 12:54 PM

prydah what's ur comp?

prydah 07-28-02 02:17 PM

cpu: duron 1.2ghz
mobo: a7v
ram: 512mb
gpu: siluro ti4200
gpu drivers: 28.32
sound: sblive value
os: w2k sp2
directx: 8.1b

morrowind version: 1.1.0605
settings: high-quality (everthing i can think of maxed within the .ini and in-game settings menus)

morrowind is much more playable now since the official patch even before i upgraded my graphics card.

i wanna try all the new mods they got out for the game now like the jedi mod and the beast of burden mod where u can have all your loot lugged around by that one semi-domestic beast (forgot its name already lol!) like in dungeon siege u can buy a pack mule to carry your extra things

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