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XxDeadlyxX 03-14-09 08:23 AM

Lost Planet stutter?
Lost Planet for me has a stutter during some snow scenes (most actually), it is a consistent stutter that occurs about once every couple of seconds when moving around.

I have tried DX9 mode, DX10 mode, SLI on, SLI Globally Disabled, changed tons of settings in-game from highest to lowest, and none have fixed it.

The stutter does not happen during indoor sequences.

I have the Steam version of the game.

Anyone else get this? I'm using 182.06 but have tried a couple of other sets with the same results.

saturnotaku 03-18-09 05:58 AM

Re: Lost Planet stutter?
If you're using hyperthreading with your CPU, make sure to set concurrent operations to 7 in the game's settings menu. Setting it to 8 causes problems.

If that doesn't work, you might want to try backing off on your overclock. 4.2 GHz at >1.5v is a lot. Your system might benchmark stable, but sometimes seemingly less intensive applications can cause a problem.

XxDeadlyxX 03-18-09 05:16 PM

Re: Lost Planet stutter?
I'm not using HT, and I tried it at stock and it's exactly the same. So it seems to be a game problem or an Nvidia driver problem.

It only occurs at certain points during outdoor snow scenes, when it isn't happening it is perfectly smooth. It also isn't that bad to be totally distracting, I'm over halfway through the game, it's just unusual :(

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