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oldskoolfattieg 03-18-09 10:57 AM

6800gt heating problem help
ok i have a evga 6800gt with a zalman vf600 fan on it and im getting temps of 65c idle and wow running at high setting im getting a temp of 97c. when i had the stock fan on the card my idle was like 75c and my load temp was around 110c. i thought the after market fan would help alot and even though it did its still a pretty high temp. is there anything i can do to reduce the temp on this card. i really dont want it to die i dont want to buy a another agp card when id rather build a newer system when i have funds

p.s i have tried cleaning the dust out but still getting the 65c/97c temps

Blakhart 04-17-09 08:48 PM

Re: 6800gt heating problem help
I would look into the heat sink pooky you applied on the hsf. Maybe it's too sparse. Also, what are the temps of other system parts, are they high as well? Is the psu up to the load?

dkeith45 12-14-09 06:47 PM

Re: 6800gt heating problem help
When the fan on my GForceFX5200 gave out, I put in what is called an "Expansion slot" fan.

Don't know if I'll get in trouble for posting the url... I do NOT work for these guys, lol... I just buy a lot of parts from them. Here's the fan I bought from Tiger Direct:


candle_86 04-05-10 11:40 PM

Re: 6800gt heating problem help
yea and sorry for old post here, but this might still be relevant to you.

I had a PNY 6800GT years back with a VF-700 on it (never head of a VF-600) but my idel was about 55C and under full load (FarCry lol) I would hit about 90C with the fan set to 12V not 5V. This was also in a case with 2 92mm fans (remember when 92mm's wern't bad lol). When I changed my case out, I got an MGE Sidewinder with 1 rear 120, front 120 and side 80mm's temps on load went from 90c down to 71c, so id look at airflow, these things need lots of it, but they also run hot as hell.

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