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Clay 06-07-03 09:39 PM

News post headlines
Well this is probably only my fourth post ever here in the forums (forums just aren't my thing for some reason). Anyway, I thought I'd post here and see what the concensus was.

As news posters, are we to keep the headlines from wrapping to a second line? I thought Mike had mentioned this as something to watch for because it makes the headlines section a bit fugly lookin'.

Personally, when I see a headline that wraps I get a nervous tick goin'. :p


The Baron 06-07-03 09:53 PM

Fixed. I'll tell Muya next time I'm in IRC (unless he happens to read this ;) ).

Clay 06-07-03 10:12 PM

Cool. Not a big deal of course and with MUYA being new and all he may not have known about this.

StealthHawk 06-08-03 04:51 AM

Isn't this what the Staff Forum is for? ;)

vampireuk 06-08-03 05:02 AM

We have one?!

Damnit first the bat phone now this!:p

StealthHawk 06-08-03 05:29 AM


Originally posted by vampireuk
We have one?!

Damnit first the bat phone now this!:p

Yes, indeed!


Wait...what am I going on about. Plausible deniability, plausible deniability. There is no Staff Forum....there is no Staff Forum. It's all just a vBulletin bug....yeeeeeeeeees that's it.

Clay 06-08-03 03:49 PM


Originally posted by StealthHawk
Isn't this what the Staff Forum is for? ;)
Well there wasn't one *before* I posted this...but there was soon afterwards. [enter cheezy slasher film music]. :D

What is up with that forum anyway and it's mysterious on again-off again status...just a vBulletin bug?

MikeC 06-08-03 03:51 PM

I've been working on it.:D

ragejg 06-08-03 08:12 PM

beautiful, mike. it look beautiful. really.


sbp 06-08-03 09:17 PM

{puts ear to staff forum and hears a party going on}

MikeC 06-08-03 09:27 PM

Re: ..

Originally posted by ragejg
beautiful, mike. it look beautiful. really.


It will be when I finish. I'm adding nice furniture, a bar and employee bathrooms. I'm even going to ask NVIDIA to send over their strippers on Saturday night. Someone will have to watch Mr. Flibble though.:p

Kruno 06-08-03 10:56 PM

So now the staff forum will have long discussions about me. :lol:

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