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gonzo_s 03-26-09 06:37 AM

NVidia + Openarena Help PLease (Tearing problem)
First things first: I'm running Intrepid Ibex and always having the latest stable NVidia driver installed for my GeForce 7600 GT on a TFT Monitor LG "19.
Nevertheless, I'm having that ugly tearing while running Openarena. I've googled out really nothing about that problem... There are some tips, in NVidia driver Appendix help file as well, but that doesn't actually help. I'm loosing my nerve actually. I've enabled all the settings concerning syncing (Sync to VBlank, TripleBuffer in xorg.conf etc etc.) but all in vain... I have no Compiz running if that can help you sort things out. No effects, just a clean working system. No tweaks made to it also.
There are no problems in Widoze btw. I have enabled an option to Force Vertical Sync in applications.


gonzo_s 04-22-09 06:43 AM

Re: NVidia + Openarena Help PLease (Tearing problem)
bump please...

Could someone help me or is it just not yet implemented perfectly in Linux?

kernelOfTruth 04-22-09 07:07 AM

Re: NVidia + Openarena Help PLease (Tearing problem)
you should probably mention that you're not using the driver provided by ubuntu

I have a 7600 GT and I'll see if I can find some time during the next days and running openarena if there's any corruption / tearing ...

please post some more hardware info (mainboard, graphics manufacturer, etc.)

gonzo_s 04-23-09 03:22 AM

Re: NVidia + Openarena Help PLease (Tearing problem)
ASUS M2N Mainboard
NVIDIA nForce® 430 Chipset with DDR2 2 Gb
AMD64 Athlon 3.2 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT 128 Mb

Yup, I'm not using the driver provided by Ubuntu. Well, thanks for your reply!
Btw today I'll try OpenArena on a new Ubuntu 9.04 (it is to be released today): first with its native driver and then (if the problem persists) with the final stable NVidia driver.

kernelOfTruth 04-24-09 09:20 AM

Re: NVidia + Openarena Help PLease (Tearing problem)
I just tried the 185.18.04 and there seems to be some slight (hardly noticable) tearing,

will try the 180.53 later ...

kernelOfTruth 04-25-09 04:11 AM

Re: NVidia + Openarena Help PLease (Tearing problem)
I couldn't really find any tearing with 180.53,

Hardware specs:
Asus P5W DH Deluxe, Core 2 Duo E6600
64bit system, ~amd64 Gentoo Linux
Samsung SyncMaster205BW


during desktop-usage there seems to be more tearing with 180.53 than with 185.18.04

so from my experience 180.53 is better for gaming and 185.18.04 better for desktop / composited desktop usage

just my 2ct

gonzo_s 04-30-09 04:35 AM

Re: NVidia + Openarena Help PLease (Tearing problem)
Thank you!
I still see slight tearing under new Ubuntu 9.04 with its default 180.44 drivers.
Well, I actually have something to compare with, and it's Windoze... It's flawless and smooth as silk.
Think that its not perfectly implemented by Nvidia for linux as of yet.

Anyway, thank you very much for support, Kernel :)

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