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Llamalama 03-27-09 09:46 PM

PSU good enough for Physx
I have a spare 8800GTX lying around and I would like to try some Physx demo's using it alongside my 280GTX. Would my 650W Corsair PSU be able to handle it?

john19055 03-28-09 03:18 AM

Re: PSU good enough for Physx
I don't think it will be enough ,running a GTX 280 on a 650 watt power supply is about the limmit .I had a silverstone 650 and ran my BFG GTX 280OCX and that was all it could handle.

CaptNKILL 03-28-09 03:46 AM

Re: PSU good enough for Physx
You might be able to do it... its hard to say.

Corsair PSUs are some of the best out there. Though both of those cards are rather power hungry and inefficient. If it was a GTX 285 and a GTS 250 I'd be more inclined to say "yes".

Llamalama 03-28-09 07:06 PM

Re: PSU good enough for Physx
Okay,thanks guys. I think I'll just sell the 8800 instead and maybe get something like the 9600GT for physx although when you mention about the 650W PSU already pushing it I'm starting to think I should really be looking at a higher wattage PSU instead.Hmmm...

CaptNKILL 03-28-09 08:06 PM

Re: PSU good enough for Physx
You should be fine with a 9600GT. The 8800GTX probably uses twice as much power. They were awesome cards but they were the first generation of these things so they're very inefficient compared to the 9-series. I think they even use more power than the GTX 260.

$n][pErMan 03-28-09 09:04 PM

Re: PSU good enough for Physx
I thought about doing the same thing with my 8800GTX... but I calculated my power usage and with my new video card OC and CPU OC and all my other devices I was already pushing the limit of my 650W PSU and decided against it.

john19055 03-28-09 09:48 PM

Re: PSU good enough for Physx
You can get a Corsair 850 watt power supply for $129 and it is a good power supply .It get good reviews everywhere .I got it to run my two GTX 280's and I seen on newegg a few people are running it on two GTX 280 and a i7 set-up and they are not haveing any problems.I started to get a silverstone or thermatake but every review I have seen puts it right up there with the high dollar power supplies.johnnyguru gave it high marks and it is stable and the ripple is well in tolenerance .

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