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tsubasa 06-09-03 02:57 AM

MY Blanck Screen FIX
It is an older version of the nvidia drivers but the only one working on my g3ti500 prophet series.

You can find it at :

In mandrake 9.1 i have install it,how ?

-Install your kernel source (install package, in mandrake control center and search source and choose to install kernek source).

-Go in init 3 mode

- Uncompress this archive NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-3123.tar.gz
gunzip NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-3123.tar.gz
tar -xvf NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-3123.tar
cd NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-3123 (go into the folder)

- Compile the kernel with:
- make
- make install
(If you are error verify your kernel source is installed)

IMPORTANT U MUST COMPILE KERNEL BEFORE FORCE RPM KERNEL (It only work in this order on Mdk 9.1 and you must force the kernel rpm for help GLX to recognize the nvidia_kernel):

-After compile it,you must install this:
rpm -Uvh --force NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-3123.mdk82up.i586.rpm

Because if you dont install kernel rpm, glx rpm dont recognize your video kernel.

-And finally

rpm -Uvh --force NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-3123.i386.rpm

After all, you modify your xfconf for remplace nv by nvidia

And after all, i would to like to say great work for this driver the opengl acceleration is very beautiful and powerfull, BUT I really hope Nvidia's team is aware of this 4x.xx problem for Ge3 and Ge4 users.

My system works well with with acpi on (ehe) 31.23 DRV Powaaaa

bwkaz 06-09-03 05:44 PM

Rather than dinking around with the GLX RPM, why don't you just use the GLX tarball? It doesn't require any RPMs to be installed. And force installing the Mandrake kernel RPM will either overwrite the just-compiled kernel module, or it will create a totally unused directory under /lib/modules for whatever kernel Mandrake 8.2 used. Much cleaner to avoid both RPMs.

tsubasa 06-10-03 01:58 AM

If I trie to install Kernel RPM 31.23 under mandrake 9.1, it doesnt work the kernel dont load successfully, I must compile by tar.gz. And i can see the kernel loading.

But if i trie to RPM GLX, it doesnt detect my nvidia kernel if I only compile I must force the kernel RPM.

Whatever another way to install, i **** it and it working.

2 Month for Get my nvidia Working and nobody help me successfully when i have my problem, ( Only doubt on my install proceed, ahah no no men 4x.xx are really suxx driver)

Give me Hope On use another drivers than 31.23 one day :)

bwkaz 06-10-03 05:42 PM

So... you haven't tried the *GLX* *tarball*, have you.

Use it instead of the GLX RPM.

Don't use only the kernel RPM -- as you found out, it doesn't work with your kernel. The 3123 kernel tarball should work with any kernel (except RH9's).

Then, rather than forcing the old kernel RPM to install, just to get the GLX RPM to install, skip that entire process and just use the GLX tarball. This one:


tsubasa 06-11-03 06:07 AM

Erf, you have dont understand what i said man.

I am tired to explain again and again, I think i will stay tuned on 31.23.

I repeat a last time, if I compile the kernel with tarball it working but i cant install GLX it says No kernel found, I must force RPM kernel for install GLX. May be they are some other to install it, BUT IT WORK LIKE THAT !!!!!!
dont say to me why iam not enginneer and i have found a way to get my pc working ! not like some graded operator here.
Its ridiculous to say that but its true

bwkaz 06-11-03 08:04 PM

Re: re

Originally posted by tsubasa
Erf, you have dont understand what i said man.
I (think I) understand perfectly what you're saying. You aren't using the GLX tarball that I linked to in my previous post. That tarball WILL NOT tell you that the NVIDIA_kernel package is required -- it doesn't even check.

The RPM system is what's telling you you have an unresolved dependency. You need an RPM to satisfy that dependency -- or, you can skip RPM completely and use the package I linked to, to install GLX.

Whatever, it doesn't really matter. If you don't want to, don't bother, it's just a slight bit cleaner this way.

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